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When screaming excitement surrounds a beauty product, it’s easy to be cynical. A blusher that’ll turn me into Scarlett Johansson? A lipstick that’ll magic me into Beyonce? Pull the other one. However, there are some products that deserve the hype – and when the hype has lasted for twenty years, you know you’re onto something brilliant. Touche Eclat is one of these products, a global icon in a gold-plated pen-brush, beloved by make-up artists, celebrities and ordinary folk alike. It’s an under-eye shadow banishing, fatigue covering, complexion-brightening and highlighting piece of wonderful make-up magic. Fact.


Tiny, light particles enriched with mineral extracts to diffuse and reflect the light from your complexion, creating an amazing, radiant (albeit faked) glow.


A couple of clicks and a brush stroke underneath each eye is all it takes to hide a late night and one too many glasses of wine. The creamy, silky texture glides easily onto the skin and is effortless to blend – extremely important when dealing with the delicate under-eye skin. A little goes a long way; if you apply too much you run the risk of looking like a panda-in-reverse. A dab in the corner of each eye is fabulous for brightening tired peepers and making your eyes like huge, and it’s also excellent for disguising those nasty little red veins you can get around the nose. Click, brush and gently dab with the finger – simple.

The light-reflecting properties of Touche Eclat can also make your lips look fuller, so apply around the contours of your mouth and in the hollow of the chin for a pout to rival Angelina’s.

As you’re using the brush over and over again, it’s important to make sure you clean it at least once a week. A baby wipe or a gentle rinse with water and soap do the trick.

Touche Eclat is easy to use, has a wonderful texture, and provides outstanding results – what could be better?

Packaging and Price

The gold-plated packaging is sleek and sophisticated: a touch of old Hollywood glamour, to match its star quality. At £24.50 for one pen, it’s not the cheapest highlighting pen on the market, but it’s worth every penny. Nothing works as well as Touche Eclat – why do you think it’s the world’s No.1 beauty product? And, as I mentioned before, a little goes a long way. Use it wisely and it’ll last you a good four to five months.


Texture: 10/10

Result: 10/10

Packaging: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Quality: 10/10

Overall score: 10/10


Touche Eclat is the hard-working woman’s best friend. It’s multi-purpose, easy to cart around in a handbag, and provides brilliant, radiant results. Buy it, try it, and glow. The days of dark circles and dull skin are over, and you will never look back.

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