Yves Saint Laurent – Pure Chromatics

Pure Chromatics is an exciting new way to wear colour from Yves Saint Laurent. Coming in a scintillating series of 6 colour palettes from ocean blues to pink quartz, dark purple, bronze green and golden brown, the ingenious colours are not entirely what they seem – pearl white transforms anthracite into metallic violet; iridescent brown melts with pink to create nude beige and bronze becomes a moiré taffeta under the influence of garnet. 

What’s more these are wet and dry eyeshadows which create an even more magnificent effect. When worn dry the texture is a soft, silky and powdery with a satin finish, the wet texture is more creamy and creates a more intense, vivid, colour which has a metallic or chromatic finish.  The narrow end of the wet applicator (separate applicator for both) can be used to create an eye liner effect. Although the colours are easier to blend when dry, when wet, the pearls and pigments seem to melt together to create harmonious overall colour. 
I tried palette No.1 (pictured above) which really does provide a surprising kaleidoscope of colour – pearl grey, opaline white (both with violet undertones), bright blue and charcoal. I really liked the effects of wearing the eyeshadows both wet and dry. My only issue was creasing which can be avoided with a good eyeshadow primer. 
Pure Chromatics are available from YSL counters and retail at £37.  Although £37 seems pricey for 4 colours, when you take into account the different effects that can be created when they’re wet, you are actually getting 8 colours as well as eyeliners, which makes these sets much more reasonable.
There is both a sponge applicator for wearing the eyeshadows dry and a plastic one to wear them wet – I found these a bit fiddly, particularly the plastic ones, and would be inclined to use a waterproof eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush instead.  
The glamorous gold packaging, complete with mirror, is  stunningly sophisticated and small enough to fit in your hand bag.


Texture 9/10
Colour 10/10
Applicator 6/10
Longevity 7/10
Packaging 9/10
Quality 9/10
Price 7/10
Overall score: 8/10


I was pleasantly surprised and amazed by the magical nature of these colours which can give exceptional depth and chromatic colour as well as soft, shimmery hues. With these palettes you really can experiment to create an innovative look each day.

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