YSL launch waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Get ready for summer with this beautiful mascara and eyeliner that have vibrant shades and a waterproof formula.

Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche 

Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche is said to create thick, long, curved, outstanding lashes. Its waterproof formula can stand up to every emotion for unfailing seductive lashes from morning to midnight.

Its formula withstands any challenge for up to 24 hours after application, thanks to a resin developed by Advanced Research. Completely waterproof,  Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche is perfect for swimming and hot climates.

Curve and volume

Composed of waxes that coat and curl each lash, and a flexible, transparent filmogen polymer (used in the textile industry),  Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche glides easily over lashes to create a long-lasting fringe with extreme curve and volume.

Infinite length

Rayon microfibres resembling silk play the role of lash extenders. Distributed evenly across the surface of the lashes, they lengthen and lengthen them. Colours seem to stretch indefinitely from the tips of the lashes. Enriched with jojoba oil, lashes are protected and nourished keeping them soft and supple.

Wonderful Wand

Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche combines two types of brush in one. The wand ideally coats and separates each lash, while at the same time assuring optimal coverage from the root to tip. Its conical tip makes it easy to reach small lashes and lashes at the inner corner of the eye.

6 shades available: Vibrant Black; Vibrant Brown; Vibrant Plum;Vibrant Violet and Vibrant Blue

Mascara Singulier Nuit Blanche retails at £22.

Dessin Du Regard – Waterproof Longwear Eye Pencils

The eye pencil frames your eyes in every circumstance, preparing them for all emotions, for up to 16 hours.

The eyeliner glides on like a liquid, resulting in an incomparable intensity. Versatile, it adapts to all makeup looks – kohl, eyeliner – allowing you to achieve the look you desire: from a precise line to a smoky halo.

Its easy-to-apply texture glides on, combining comfort, intense coverage and ultra-long wear while offering an unprecedented “liquid” sensation on application.

Its formula, saturated in pigments, guarantees colour intensity for hours on end. Waterproof, it resists heat, tears and all the emotions of a woman’s life for up to 16 hours.

Dressed elegantly in shiny black lacquer, the eye pencil has a colour-coordinated end and is topped with a golden cap.

A complete range that proudly displays the emblematic colours of Yves Saint Laurent: Black Ink; Patent Leather; Ultramarine; Shimmering Burgundy; Amazon Green; Absinthe Green – Limited Edition.

Yves Saint Laurent's waterproof eyeliners retail at £18.00.

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