Yllume Skincare Launch

Yllume has burst onto the problem skin market with a new skincare trio to complement it’s potent anti-oxidant Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cream (£115) and Skin Supplement (£54). The brand addresses skin that suffers from extreme sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, or aggravation, using a potent but calming formulation of natural extracts and essential oils to strengthen, brighten, and even out skin.

Yllume’s success lies in its use of Colourless Carotenoids, derived from Mediterranean tomatoes, specially grown over the course of a year. The Carotenoids reduce hyper-pigmentation and increase skin’s natural SPF. Importantly, they are non-toxic and undetectable to the naked eye, allowing high quantities to be used without risk of skin discolouring. The Cream uses a unique combination of both rind and oil of pomegranate extract, which has a greater skin thickening and healing effect that when used individually. The Skin Supplement delivers Colourless Cartenoids on a cellular level, complementing the cream for a more long-term result.

The new additions are a cleanser, toner and masque, which have been formulated under the guidance of specialist cosmetic scientists and dermatologists. The formulas combine a variety of natural extracts, including pearl, aloe vera and white tea (the least processed of all teas), as well as essential oils lavender, coriander and pituli. The Cleanser (£48) uses extract of papaya to naturally dissolve dead skin cells, as well as iron-rich hamatite stone extract, known for its reparative properties. The Tonic Mist (£36) contains mineral-rich lagoon volcanic waters, for a moisturising toner that does not strip the skin of essential moisture. The wipe-off Masque (£74) contains Olivine stone extract, which refreshes and energizes the skin for a brighter complexion, without use of common lightening and brightening agents often found in glycolic peels, which can harm sensitive skin.

The range was created by Hossay Momand, after a decade-long battle with skin thinning and sensitivity resulting from various ineffective acne treatments. It is suitable for a wide range skin complaints, or can be used simply as a highly nourishing skin regime.

Yllume is available at www.yllume.co.uk

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