Types of Lipstick

It is easy to get attracted to a particular colour of lipstick, but that doesn't mean it is the most complementary colour or the best type of lipstick for your lips. Here we look at some of the different kinds of lipstick on the market and how to apply lipliner.


Lipsticks can offer sheer to full coverage in matt or shimmery finishes. It is possible to buy long wearing lip colours which are kiss, drink and food proof, although chapped lips can find these too drying and the colour may sit in lines. Dry or lined lips benefit from more moisturising and hydrating lipsticks, often with SPFs, such as Estee Lauder's Signature lipsticks.

Lip gloss

Lip glosses come in a range of coverages. Full coverage lip glosses come in a selection of colours and can be used on their own for a complete look. Lighter lip glosses in clear and lighter shades can also be used on their own for a natural or subtle look, but can also add depth and shine to lips when applied over lipstick. They can be applied just to the centre of the top and bottom lip to create the illusion of fuller lips.

Lip crayon

There are less lip crayons on the market but they can be a great alternative to a lipstick for women who like a matt finish. They can also be longer wearing than normal lipsticks. Furthermore, a lipliner is not needed with a lip crayon because the crayon's shape allows you to line the outer shape of your lips.

Which colour?

If going for a natural lip colour it will all depend upon your skin, hair and eye colour as to which shade will suit you best. But as a general rule, fair skins suit rose, apricot or mauve, brunettes suit mauve or berry and darker skin tones and black skins suit dark plum or rich brown shades.

Applying lipliner

Use a colour to match your lipstick or a natural, neutral base shade. Make sure your lipliner pencil is sharpened and soften it by smudging it on your hand before applying. To shape your lips, start on your top lip and work from left to right, shaping your cupids bow as you go. Working from left to right again, line the outer edge of your bottom lip. Next colour in your whole lips with your pencil. This will make a good even base for your lip colour and help its staying power.

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