Top 5 Fake Tans

This article has been archived, see our best 5 self tanners – summer 2011.

We’ve chosen our top 5 natural looking, easy to apply self-tanners which won’t leave you looking like an orange but instead like a beautiful, sun kissed beach babe come rain or shine.

1. Clarins – Delicious Self Tanning Cream – £20

We have to say, Clarins are renowned for their self-tan technology and they never seem to disappoint us here at JMA. We particularly love their Delicious Self Tanning Cream for its luxurious  rich texture. Plus, with Cocoa extracts it really is yummy! The classy iridescent gold colour of the cream also aids an even application. The result is baby soft skin and a gorgeous golden and natural-looking tan. Available to purchase online from Boots.

2. Estee Lauder – Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection Gelee – £21

Not only is the packaging beautiful but the exotic aroma of this silky smooth self-tan will leave you addicted. The gel has a tint so you can see where you are applying it, but be careful since a deeper tan develops within an hour of application. The colour is a natural bronze and can be built up with repeated application. The conditioning formula is thanks to a blend of heavenly ingredients including Jasmine, Narcissus Flower, Coconut Oil and  Abricot Nectar. Upon application you really will feel like a sun goddess. Available to purchase online from Boots.

3. St Tropez – Self-tan Bronzing Lotion – £20

For the ultimate off-the beach tan, we particularly like using St Tropez’s original Self-tan Bronzing Lotion. Being self-tan specialists St Tropez have their salon inspired formulas well mastered. The lotion gives a rich golden tan and is very easy to apply. Being infused with aloe vera it is both conditioning and long-lasting and does not have an obvious self-tan scent. So for a glamourous, caramel glow, look no further. Available to purchase online from Boots.

4. Lancome Flash Bronzer – Transfer-resistant Self-Tanner – £21.50

For super sun-kissed skin in a flash, Lancome’s Flash Bronzers are hard to beat. Transfer-resistant, they dry ultra-quickly making application foolproof. In fact, you can pretty much get dressed straight away! Skin is left evenly coated without streaks.  The gel is also very long-lasting and can stay looking flawless for several days.  Light-reflecting pigments in the gel add a sexy shimmer to the colour while vitamin E nourishes the skin. Available to purchase online from Boots.

5. L’Oreal – Sublime Bronze Express Pro Spray – £13.99

We don’t usually like spray tans much here at JMA, finding them unpredictable! But L’Oreal’s new Sublime Bronze Express Pro Spray is a fantastic spray tan. It is so easy to use, and being a spray you needn’t wear gloves and can tan the back of your hands easily. The texture of the mist is not oily and dries very quickly on impact so there is no need to rub it in. The end result is an even, subtle tan perfect for the fairest of skins. Infused with citrus extracts, the self-tan also leaves your skin smelling fresh. Further still, it is great value at £13.99. Available to purchase online from Boots.

So now you know which are our favourite self-tans, read our top ten tips for how to apply them.

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