Stressed Skin Saviours

We’ve all had a blemish here and there, but it’s nothing a little concealer couldn’t cover. But a stressful lifestyle can lead to blemishes that are ongoing, painful and embarrassing. Pollution, poor diet, caffeine and sugar don’t help when trying to achieve that clear ‘Hollywood’ skin that we all crave.

Breakouts are most commonly associated with teenagers, therefore women are often embarrassed, shying away from people and often making a point of their blemishes before anybody has a chance to point it out to them.

It’s not an uncommon problem with many people noticing that places that have a higher pollution level such as big cities will add to any skin irritations. A healthy diet and exercise will help, but may not be the only solution.

Facials are a great way of cleaning dirt from the skin and will also add as a de-stressor; as it gives you a small window to relax, Clarins and Elemis offer affordable treatments, unfortunately not all of us can afford the luxury of a weekly facial. But making time for yourself will help in relaxing the mind, and body. Yoga and Pilates are not only a great form of exercise, but also help to soothe the body, taking your mind away from work and any factors that may be causing your skin problems.

Dermatologists will always tell you that constantly touching your skin, digging at it or over powering it with products won’t help in the short or long run. There is no need for you to change your whole skin care routine, you just need to be a little more gentle to your skin rather than using products that may strip it.

LP Skin Therapy by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos (available from helps to target stress related skin problems, with a full range of moisturisers and serums; Dr. Papadopoulous has found that when stressed, our body produces more of the hormone Cortisol which can be a factor of blocked pores and breakouts. With an anti-aging starter kit (£25) (main image), there is no excuse to get started right away; containing six products including uplifting facial water, multi-task day cream, overnight replenish cream and the re-affirm eye serum all in travel sized containers for easy use.

Skyn Iceland (available from are a brand that target stressed skin, helping to instantly target areas of the face and body offering instant relief, visible results and long term benefits.  Available from, the range contains skin boosting actives and technology advanced ingredients to help control irrated skin. Using products such as the Glacial face wash ($30) and the Arctic face mist ($29), will offer all day stress relief for tired and over-worked skin.

There is often the misconception that if you have spots, moisturiser will add to the problem. This is not the case, and there are moisturises out there that will help. As our skin gets older, we need more hydration and by skipping this crucial part of your daily routine your skin will suffer. Moisturiser works as a barrier from certain agents that may be causing your blemishes.

Alongside skin problems, severe stress related problem can lead to Psoriasis and hair loss. Be sure to visit your doctor if your condition worsens.


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