Saicara’s Fizzy Fun Body Gel

New from Saicara Heavenly Care come Body Fizzy Gel and Body Fizzy Gel Gold. These are both body moisturisers but as their names suggest, are unlike the usual creams or lotions most of us use on a regular basis.

The gels fizz and crackle when you spray them on to your body, which in itself is unusual but they are also deliciously cold. Both can be applied to legs, arms, décolletage or even hot feet, but the gold version also adds a slight glamorous shimmer.
Containing sodium PCA, which the company says is a moisturiser produced naturally by the skin, the products are quickly absorbed, non- greasy and don’t feel sticky to the touch after application – a bonus if you’re getting ready to go out.
Body Fizzy Gel is £8.45 and Body Fizzy Gel Gold is £9.99. Both are available from

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