Preparing your Hands for your Wedding Day

One of the most poignant moments of your wedding day will be the exchanging of the wedding rings. Your guests will also pay particular attention to your ring and hands throughout the day so don’t forget about them!

You may decide to get your hands and nails professionally manicured at a salon or do it yourself. Here are our top tips if painting your own nails.

  • Cleanse then exfoliate your hands with a body or hand exfoliator. This will get rid of any dull and dead skin and soften your hands.
  • Moisturise your hands with a hand cream or a special manicure/pedicure cream. This will condition and soften your hands. For best results, moisturise your hands daily in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.
  • Use a special nail file and buffer to shape your nails and remove any ridges.
  • Next use a base coat nail varnish which will fill in any remaining ridges, strengthen and protect your nails. It will also create a level base for your nail varnish colour and help it to stay put for longer.
  • Next apply a coat of your chosen nail colour. Most brides opt for a soft pink, beige, ivory, cream or silver nail colour.
  • Another option for longer nails is a French manicured look; for this you will need to paint the tips of your nails white, followed by a clear gloss coat. (You can buy French manicure stickers which are placed over the main section of the nail making it easier to paint the tip of the nail).
  • Finish by applying a top coat of nail varnish. This clear and shiny varnish will add shine and definition to your chosen colour and help prevent it from chipping.

Base and top coats usually come in sets and are made by a wide range of cosmetic brands from off-the-shelf ones like Rimmel and Loreal to over the counter ones such as Chanel and Lancome. Nail files, buffers and French manicure sets can be purchased from most pharmacies including Boots.

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