Pevonia Botanica Skincare

Pevonia Botanica is a world class professional skincare brand with over 300 award-winning in-spa treatments and home care products found in more than 20,000 elite spas worldwide. All Pevonia is a global leader and innovator in the beauty and spa industries because its products are 100% natural, eco-packaged and cruelty-free.

Last year, Pevonia launched the Ligne Tropicale range (main image); a Ligne Tropicale De-ageing Body Balm, De-ageing Body Saltmousse and De-Ageing Mist collection. This range has already won a selection of awards, including Natural Health’s Beauty Award 2010 for Best Body Scrub. Pevonia was also recently voted Best Spa Brand by Irish Tatler in their eponymous Spa Awards 2010.

imagePevonia’s recent launch, Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Cream, is an opulent tri-phase homogenised cream enriched with Caviar, Pearl, and Escutox™. Pevonia Botanica has achieved a breakthrough with the development of their patented Escutox formula; Escutox is Pevonia’s patented natural alternative to Botox, created from a complex of Hibiscus seeds, and acts as a fine lines and wrinkles diffuser.

Pearl powder is taken from crushed fresh water pearls within molluscs; its primary use is for skin brightening and protective care. Caviar is historically recognised as a key anti-ageing ingredient due to its high content of powerful, nutritive substances.  Abundant in potent actives, it works to effectively counteract ageing. It contains replenishing amino-acids (proteins essential for skin elasticity and firmness), oligo-elements (enzymatic activity and cellular oxygenation), and phospholipids (cellular health and regeneration).  These vital constituents contribute to effective skin renewal. A light, silky and easily-absorbed texture distinguishes it as a unique anti-ageing preparation.   (Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Cream: RRP £125.00)

imageAdditionally, Pevonia has recently launched a skincare range exclusively for teenagers, known as SpaTeen.  It is the first line of professional, home-use products and in-spa treatments developed specifically for teen skin and its changing needs. Pevonia’s SpaTeen™ is comprised of two lines: SpaTeen Blemished Skin for acne-prone skin types and SpaTeen for All Skin Types, both of which help teens achieve their healthiest and most radiant skin possible, whatever their skin type and concern. Pevonia’s SpaTeen™ marries technologically-advanced ingredient delivery systems with natural and soothing botanicals and organic phyto-extracts to keep every type of teen skin healthy and balanced.

Pevonia know that adults can also suffer we breakout and acne so also have a problematic skincare line for adults called Ligne Clarifyl. It effectively deals with intense skin care problems and includes a cleanser, lotion, moisturiser, face mask and spot on treatment. Read our review of Ligne Clarifyl.

These are just some of the superb at-home products and ranges that Pevonia Botanica have, all Pevonia spas carry a selected range of Pevonia products; visit to find out more.
Additionally, any Pevonia skincare product can be purchased by calling their Customer Care team on 01449 727000.

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