Natural/Organic Cosmetics

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Natural cosmetics are chemical-free and tend to be made using environmentally friendly, earth derived organic ingredients, such as minerals, only. This means that they have no chemicals or synthetic materials in them.

There are a number of benefits in using natural makeup products including that they can be less irritating to the skin which is particularly good for people with sensitive skin and certain allergies. Now you can top up your vitamin dose by using natural cosmetics as well as continuing to eats lots of fruit and vegetables. Although of course keeping out of the sun, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep are the main ways to help ensure that your skin stays younger looking for longer.

Natural makeup products tend to be lighter and give the skin more opportunity to breath, this means that women who use natural makeup are also less prone to break outs. Mineral makeup is all the trend at the moment offering a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional pore-clogging synthetic foundations.  Those with oily skin can certainly benefit from mineral facial powders such as Bare Escentual’s as the light powder helps matify the skin to prevent shine whilst infusing the skin with natural skin-loving ingredients. For combination and dry skin types wanting to use a mineral foundation, some companies such as Estee Lauder make liquid (therefore more hydrating) mineral foundations, which also give a light and very natural finish.

Natural powder eyeshadows are also made using minerals and colours are often obtained from plants and vegetables. The colours used in natural lipsticks and lip glosses are extracted from highly-pigmented plants too. In particular berries are often used for red and plum tones in lipsticks.

Cosmetic companies have used natural ingredients in their skincare for longer than they have in their makeup. After all, it is the vitamins, minerals (derived from the earth and sea), anti-oxidants, plant-extracts, hydrating and essential oils and natural acids in skincare which is what makes it so good for skin. Of course, not all anti-ageing technology can be completely natural, but it is those cosmetic companies creating skincare products with synthetic materials, fake scents, chemicals and cheap fillers, only, which you need to avoid. Most prestige brands use mainly natural ingredients; but always check the ingredients on the product’s packaging and ask a beauty adviser for advice about what is in them.

By wearing  natural cosmetics with broad spectrum SPFs, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants you can also ensure that your skin is protected from the environment and premature ageing; the creators of mineral makeup say that, in the long-term, those who use mineral cosmetics will have better, more-even complexions and skin that has less noticeable signs of ageing.

Some of the natural cosmetics brands include Bare Escentuals, Sephora,  Cover Girls NatureLuxe range, Dr Hauschka, After Glow, Ecco Bella, Bobbi Brown, Origins and Bare Faced Beauty. While other brands such as M.A.C, Clinique, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder offer a few, or a range of, mineral and natural makeup products.

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