Mineral Makeover

I love minerals. Yes, industry professionals and beauty experts have being going on about this beauty wonder for sometime now, but as I’m a new converter (I know I’m more than a little behind the eight ball with this one) I thought I would share the love with JMA.

First up, I’m sure if your still reading this it’s because your curious but probably haven’t tried minerals for yourself. But better than never, I think it’s time you headed to your favourite beauty department and test the goods. I’m madly into mineral make-up and I guess I hesitated at first because I am pro-liquid. Powders scare me and when you’re into quick application it can be a little overwhelming and messy. Plus, a dewy base is one of my favourite things in life. And so it’s with great excitement that I recently discovered a slew of unreal liquid mineral foundations available now.

Check out five faves, which are loaded with mineral goodness:

1. The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF 25

Easy to blend and build the minerals in this foundation magically reduce the appearance of redness, imperfections, blemishes and visible pores. With an SPF of 25 this product also protects the skin from sun damage. Plus, the recyclable container with a lid is bound to make the planet smile. Nature’s Minerals Foundation; £16 thebodyshop.co.uk

2. NATIO Pure Mineral Foundation

Blends with practically every skin tone using pure light reflecting minerals to create luminous healthy looking skin. Plus, a little vitamin C and E to smooth and repair gives you a natural dewy glow. NATIO Pure Mineral Foundation; £19.50 Debenhams.com

3. Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Base

This mineral winner provides sheer coverage and a dewy finish. To use, apply base make-up on clean, moist skin using your fingertips or a finishing sponge over the face, neck and décolleté. Couldn’t get much easier really! Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Base; mineralfusion.com

4. AVON Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

The lightweight formula allows your skin to breathe and provides a flawless finish that lasts. Containing mineral glow pearls, these little guys maximise your natural vibrancy and skin radiance. That’s what make-up is all about right? Enhancing your own natural beauty. AVON Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation; £10.50 Avonshop.co.uk

5. BareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation

This mineral powder foundation is perfect for oily and combination skin types and easy to apply with a powder brush. It gives a natural and radiant finish. It’s skin-loving ingredients help to protect skin and prevent breakouts. Read our review for further info. BareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation; £25 JohnLewis.com

Try these products now and thank me later. All the good-for-you benefits of a mineral formula, minus the mess and fuss of a buff-it-in loose offering. I’ve also read that minerals are so good, you can actually sleep in them. If this is true, I may never go back to liquids again. Plus, I’m a bit of a lazy cleanser, although I still strive to wash my face most nights. I’ve been preaching about minerals to friends for a few weeks now, so I think I’ve found my new cult beauty product.

Oh and to bowl you over even more with it’s mineral magnificence, here is another multi-tasking mineral quick beauty fix. I’ve been mixing a pump or two of liquid mineral make-up into my body moisturiser for so-flawless-they-look-like stockings pins. Minerals to the rescue! Seriously, is there anything this super beauty product can’t do? Yes, when I’m in love with a new beauty discovery you best believe I’m in L-O-V-E.

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