Men’s Skincare Regimes

The twenty-first century man must also look after his skin with a daily and weekly skincare regime. Many luxury brands now make men’s skincare products including Lancome, Clarins and Clinique. But of course all skincare is unisex.

Other brands such as Loreal, Boots and Nivea offer a cheaper but still good quality alternative. Below is a step by step guide to some of the male skincare products available:


A good male cleanser will refresh and condition the skin. It will soften bristles and prevent shaving rash. Unlike soap, it will not strip your skin of its natural oils and therefore prevent dry and flaky patches of skin. Some cleansers are made especially for oily skin to help matify it and prevent shine, others are made for normal to combination skin types and help to maintain a healthy level of natural oils, while those made for dry skin are more hydrating. (Find out your skin type). Your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth and ready for a shave. Use your cleanser morning and evening.

After shave balms

A good After Shave Balm will soothe your skin post shaving as well as prevent rashes.


Exfoliate once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) after cleansing to remove dead skin cells. Your exfoliator must be applied to damp skin, but just on your cheeks and forehead since the delicate eye area does not require it. Your exfoliator will renew your skin by removing any flakiness leaving it looking fresh, healthy and youthful.


After cleansing or exfoliating apply your moisturiser. A good moisturiser will protect your skin from premature ageing caused by the environment. Most male moisturisers carry an SPF to protect your skin from daily sun damage. Different moisturisers target different concerns depending on your age and skin type.

If buying your moisturiser at a beauty counter the beauty adviser will be able to advise you on which type of moisturiser will best benefit your skin.  But there are certain types to look out for; for example, if your skin is particularly dry and flaky you may want a hydrating moisturiser. The anti-ageing moisturisers tend to be for men experiencing the first signs of ageing, while the anti-wrinkle or firming moisturisers are for older men with existing wrinkles.

The anti-ageing moisturisers usually come separately for dry, normal or oily skin types. This is because a dry skin will require more hydration and therefore the moisturiser’s substance will be a thick cream; the normal to combination skin type moisturiser will be a lighter cream; and the one for oily skin will be a light fluid substance which will not only be absorbed better by oily skin but won’t encourage shine. For the best protection and results use your moisturiser morning and evening. Find out more about types of moisturiser.

It is also possible to buy a separate moisturiser for your eyes. The skin around the eye area is more delicate and requires a softer, lighter cream. You may have different concerns for the skin around your eyes from the rest of your face, for example, you may want a firming eye cream and a hydrating face cream.

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