Makeup For Tired Looking Eyes

Stressed with exams or had one too many late nights partying with friends? Fool people into thinking you’ve had a full eight hours sleep with this quick how-to beauty guide to wake-up tired eyes!

A sure fire sign of a sleepless night is tired eyes. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes can be fixed with more sleep, a proper nights rest and drinking more water but sometimes you just need a beauty cheat to make it through a blind date, important meeting or family get together (which can be even more unbearable when you’re hungover). Fake a fabulous face and no one will suspect a thing.

Firstly to create this wide awake eyes look you’ll need to cover all the veins and darkness on your eyelid using a skin toned concealer or foundation. I have fair skin and use Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation SPF10 (£24.00; which also works wonders to even out the complexion on the eye area with it’s barely there finish. Benefit boi-ing industrial-strength concealer (£16.50; is also fantastic at camouflaging darkness around the eyes without creasing, smudging or wearing-off. There is no need to use an applicator, just use your forefinger as it does a better job. Fingers can get into all those fine creases and you can literally feel your way to complete coverage.

Next up, use a cream eyeshadow with a little shimmer to set the eyelid. Try Yves Saint Laurent Fard Lumière Aquarésistant Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow in Golden Sands (pictured) or Pink Sands (£21.00 each; These dreamy creams will make your eyelid glamorous instead of greasy and remove unwanted shine. The shimmer and light reflecting particles in the cream eyeshadow will make your eyes pop. Lightly dab the cream eyeshadow along the eyelid with your finger or you can use a brush if you prefer. This step really opens your eyes.

Use a fleshy or pink toned pencil – Benefit eye bright (£14.00; is perfect! and gently pull down your eye and sweep the pencil along the inside of your inner lower lash line. Lining the inner lower lash line immediately brightens your sclera (that’s the white area of your eye) and counteracts all the redness in your eyes. The result – wide awake eyes! You’ll look more alert than a deer in headlights.

You’ll need a top notch concealer for the next step. I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen in Shade 1 – Luminous Radiance (£24.50; – it’s on every Best Beauty Buys list in existence for a reason. But if you’re looking for a great budget buy try Maybelline New York Pure Cover Mineral Concealer (£6.19; Use the concealer to cover any dark circles below the eyes. Dab with your finger as you’ll get better coverage and you don’t want to drag or tear the make up. Don’t forget to dab concealer gently onto the side and bridge of your nose, this is often forgotten land and is most definitely a major creator of shadows. So continue to dab concealer onto the nose near the tear ducts of your eyes. Be gentle and take care while you apply as this will leave you with a longer lasting look.

Now use an illuminator – Benefit high beam luminescent complexion enhancer (£18.50; creates a youthful radiant glow on all skin tones – and don’t be afraid to get a fair bit on your face as it’s very light in consistency. Draw almost a clown-like smile or bean shape below the eye and gently dab the illuminator into the skin using an upwards motion. You can take the dabbing all the way up past your eye to your temple but don’t go above the highest peak of your brow. Again the more time you dab and lovingly apply the illuminator the longer it will last.

Use an eyelash curler to open your eyes in seconds. No7 Lift and Curve Eyelash Curler (£6.64; uses super soft pads so it’s an amazing all curling gain with no pain.  Just never clamp after you’ve applied mascara – it’s very messy and will ruin all your work up to this stage.

Finish with a volume boosting mascara like Maybelline XXL Volume and Length Mascara (£9.19; which will maximise volume and length. Get in at the base and zigzag the applicator through your lashes. This increases coverage (even on those little newbie lashes) and there is no need to coat the bottom lashes. This keeps the eyes open and the focus on the lightness and brightness you’ve created under the eye. Let the light shine through.

You should now look more alive and fresh, even if you’re feeling tired or hungover on the inside. This fresh-faced beauty cheat only takes minutes and the results are strikingly sleek.

See also our article on choosing an eye cream – a good eye cream can help to reduce dark circles, puffiness and other tell-tale signs of tired eyes.

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