A Quite Cute make-up range

Revisit the rose-tinted days of your childhood with MAC’s Quite Cute range

Never one to be outdone, MAC has raised the bar with this flirty, fun and frivolous cosmetic range that will have you cooing the moment you lay eyes on its delectable offerings.
With a nod to Tokyo’s signature trendy take on all-things girly, the range covers all aspects of the face with lips, eyes, nails and cheeks all catered for in a palette adorned with pastels.
The simple hues of the Cutie eyeshadow quad (£33) keeps eyes understated and natural by accentuating your own eye colour. Note the finishing of each shadow; while the purple and gold frost finishes of the dirty violet and pale white green provide a metallic sheen, the satin finish of the pale pink shadow offers a slightly more intense colour effect and the silver pearl lustre of the pale lavender employs glitter specks for glam shine. Line the upper eyelid with the Penultimate eyeliner (£14), extend into a flirty, feline ‘flick’ and complement your chosen colour with the range’s very own lashes 7 Lash (£10) – this set of defined alternate lashes can transform you from dull to dolly in one single application (tip: use MAC’s eyelash adhesive for the strongest hold). To finalise the eyes, finish with a sweep of Zoom Lash mascara (£13.50) to make your peepers pop.
Nothing spells out the collection’s theme more than the medley of candy-coloured mineralize blushers (£18). The light pink will perfect paler palours, the light beige will bring out more bronzed complexions and the lavender will illuminate darker skin tones. If that wasn’t enough to remind you how pretty MAC can be, each blush pan comes customised with a pearlised and colour-contrasting baked-in heart.
To round off proceedings, opt for a bright lipstick (£13.50). The more daring amongst you should be happy to try Candy Yum-Yum (intense neon pink) or Playtime (creamy violet), whereas the more coy of the crowd can play it safe with the aptly titled Playing Koi (creamy white peach pink) or Saint Germain (clean pastel pink). Remember to gloss up for an ultra-feminine finale; Quite Cute’s Plushglasses (£16) come in four colours to tickle your fancy – choose between Bubble Tea (creamy pale nude), Fashion Fanatic (creamy pale pink), Girl YBoy (bright light blue-pink) and I YU (creamy mid-tone purple).
Match your talons to your make-up with Little Girl Type (pale lavender), Ice Cream Cake (blue-pink) or Mischievous Mint (pale blue mint) all £9. Alternatively, indulge in all three of the lacquers and paint your nails alternately for a rainbow like no other!
When complete, accessorise with the girliest get-up you can find (think pink and glitter galore), invite your closest lady friends round and celebrate the joys of womanhood…not forgetting to salute MAC for starting something extremely special!

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