M.A.C – Penultimate Eye Liner


M.A.C’s Penultimate Eye Liner is a liquid pen-style liner. It promises precision in application and long wear. It comes in just one colour, Rapid Black. 


The pen-style narrow tip did make it easy to apply neat liquid lines to the upper lashes with flicks on the outer corners. However, to create a thick line, strokes need repeating and practice really does make perfect. 
The tip of the pen was firm at first but after repeated applications it loosened up and, being more flexible, made drawing thicker lines easier.
A makeup pro or makeup artist would have no problem getting the result they want from this product on first use but makeup novices may need to practice. Nevertheless, applying liquid liner is never a walk in the park and I did find the Penultimate Eye Liner much easier to use than other liquid liner formats.
The colour is deep, rich black and I was pleased that it didn’t smudge. It also stayed put all day without fading. The liquid itself is a good consistency and not at all watery making it ideal for rapid application. It is a shame it only comes in black as it would be stunning to use in brown, grey, blue or green!
Overall, this is a brilliant product and I will definitely continue using it over other types of liquid liner particularly to create narrow lines.

Price & Packaging

The packaging is black, sleek and slim resembling a pen. It is also easy to take out with you. 
The price is £14 which is reasonable when compared to competitor products.


Together the pen-style tip and consistency of the liquid enable lines to be drawn smoothly, precisely and without blotches.
A thin or thick line can be created with Penultimate Eye Liner, whereas some liquid liners (particularly those with brushes) only create thick lines. 
All in all, an innovative product which creates professional results; recommended for anyone wishing to achieve neat liquid lines.

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