M.A.C Cosmetics – Opulash


Opulash is a fantastic new dramatic look mascara by M.A.C Cosmetics. Branded as the lashes’ version of the hair’s bouffant, it is said to create dense volume and curl with 15-hour wear.


On application, lashes are given exceptional volume, length and lift.  The consistency of the mascara is excellent and doesn’t clump or give “spider lashes”. The texture is smooth and lashes are left feeling comfortable even after repeated coats.

The ingenious brush is the reason why lashes get such a sexy sweep. It is a large brush engineered to grab roots, lift, hold, replicate, exaggerate and build-out. It is so large in fact, that you need to be careful not to smudge the mascara on your brow bone. Some people may find the brush a little too clumpy, but practice should make perfect. When applying the mascara, look down as you move the brush from root to tip. Volume can be built with the more layers you apply, and as the volume is built so is the length. 

The mascara was very long lasting and didn’t smudge.


Shiny, simple metalic grey packaging in M.A.C’s familiar contemporary style. 

There is only one choice of colour, of course, Bad Bad Black!


This mascara is great value for its performance at £12.50. 


We particularly like this mascara here at JMA because it creates an intense look so quickly and easily. This mascara is best for those looking for exceptional length and lift as well as volume for an overall dramatic look.  All in all, an excellent mascara at a very affordable price.

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