M.A.Cs Flighty

Take your eyes on a flight to the Amazon this summer with M.A.C’s new Flighty range, the collection of feather-light mousse cream eye shadows (£13.50) are inspired by beautiful birds, the new formula is buildable, lightweight and highly pigmented making it easy to build up from a sheer to medium colour.

With sixteen limited edition shades, seven caught my eye as being the most unique M.A.C have come up with, Count Your Assets, Free as Air, Rich Thrills, Extra Charged, Good Fortune, My Next Indulgence, Rich Sweet all vibrant colours, they have also cleverly included shades which would flatter any skin tone, Black Diamond, The Cool Elite, Rich Sweet, Trophy.

The mousse like eye shadows are perfect for spring/summer, their light texture means you feel free as a bird wearing them, and their staying power leaves you fluster free!

Also in the collection are four Zoom Mascaras (£13.50), their creamy velvety formula feels light, but builds density well for a flawless look. The exciting mascaras come in four lively shades, High Esteem, Blue Charge, Plum Reserve and Green is Green.

Follow the Flighty range and let your spirit fly!

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