M2 Beaut Launches New Eyelash Activating Serum

For anyone wanting to optimize the beauty of their eyes, and for those who suffer from sparse or short eyelashes, there is now the revolutionary M2Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum and Eyelash Revitalizing Gloss, which can increase the length, fullness and strength of your eyelashes. This highly effective duo contains active ingredients and nutritional components that promote the fullness, length and strength of lashes along with condition, definition and shine. If applied daily, lashes not only become longer, fuller, stronger, healthier, shinier and more defined, but may also acquire a darker tone and harmonious curl, which makes the additional application of mascara almost superfluous.

M2Beauté, the creators of this innovative eyelash enhancing duo, say that the first visible results can be seen after 6 to 8 weeks with maximum results achieved by week 16.

Key Ingredients in Eyelash Activating Serum

The key active complex *MDN∗ is a prostaglandin analogue, which in an alternative form has its use in ophthalmology. This modified and carefully dosed ingredient compound stimulates the eyelashes at their roots increasing the number of lashes, extending the eyelash growth phase and delaying the cycle of lash loss. In keeping with the M2Beauté company philosophy, the active serum contains only ingredients scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

Key Ingredients in Eyelash Revitalising Gloss

In addition to the nourishing, moisture regulating ingredients Panthenol (vitamin B5) and Hydrolysed Collagen, the Gloss also contains Copper Tripeptide 1. This innovative active ingredient creates a healthy skin environment, increases collagen production and combats free radicals keeping the eye area healthy and supporting hair growth. Its unique ingredients not only measurably support growth but also lend the lashes noticeable definition and an expressive silky shine.


Apply M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum directly to the base of the lash line on the upper eyelids in the evening, after thoroughly cleansing the eye area. This fluid, transparent gel is applied with the aid of a special brush. Eyelash Revitalizing Gloss is applied morning and night directly to the lashes for visibly seductive lashes. Each vial contains enough serum to last a minimum of 4 months of recommended use.

M2 Beauté is available in Harrods and on the M2Beauté website (www.M2BEAUTE.COM).

The Eyelash Activating Serum contains 5 ml and costs £120.00 (this works out as less than £1 per day) and the Eyelash Revitalizing Gloss contains 8ml and costs £45.

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