L’Oreal – Colour Infallible Eyeshadows


L’Oreal Paris have revealed their latest Colour Infallible eyeshadow shades and unlike other eyeshadows they have a matte finish to rival the glitzy shades already in the range.

Claiming to give “ultra-intense colour, up to 24 hour long-lasting hold and velvety soft feel” I had very high expectations of the Colour Infallible eyeshadows. The product formula is unlike most eyeshadows in that it in’t creamy and is instead like a pressed powder which feels incredibly soft on your skin.  As the Infallible eyeshadow range includes both metallic and matte shades it gives you the option of having a little sparkle or a subtle day look. The colours have also been designed by L’Oreal to work and blend together giving you a greater variety of looks.


imageI trialled three of the new matte finish eyeshadow colours in Coconut Shake (below), Pebble Grey (left) and Blue Curaco (main image). The colours were very appealing and very wearable for both day or night. The Blue Curaco colour really stands out and would without a doubt be a show-stopper on a night out. The Pebble Grey is great for creating a lighter smokey eye look, and the Coconut Shake is really light and looks great on lids on its own or to highlight the brow bone.

I noticed that the eyeshadow formula is very moist and didn’t dry out (which I’ve found to be a problem with a lot of eyeshadows). I used an eyeshadow brush to apply the colour and found application to be very easy and, as the formula is pressed, the eyeshadow didn’t flake away or crease. Once applied the colour is very strong and I am very impressed by how little is needed, meaning it definitely lives up to its ‘ultra-intense colour’ status.

imageI can’t say I’m the biggest wearer of eyeshadow simply because of the fact that, as I have such small eyes, I find that after a few hours the colour seems to clump together around the creases in my eyes no matter how I apply it or try to set it. But, after a day at work in Coconut Shake – I can say I have been converted. The coverage remained even on my eyelids and I was very impressed with its staying power. This lead me to be concerned about getting it off and feared I would have eyeshadow smeared all over my face!  But it came off  easily with my usual cleanser – an extra bonus.


The packaging is very appealing and really eye catching as it really shows off the eyeshadow’s colour. There is nowhere for the product to hide but it doesn’t have to. The pots are small and compact and I could fit all three shades into my make-up bag, no problem, unlike some clumpy compacts. Under the small screw lid there was also a little plastic conserver pressing the product flat which I think may be the trick behind some of its added moisture.


At £6.99 each, the eyeshadows are very reasonably priced for such impressive little products. They do exactly what L’Oreal claims they do, and I was very pleased with the final results.


Texture – 9/10
Application – 9/10
Colour – 9/10
Longevity – 9/10
Packaging – 8/10
Quality – 8/10
Price – 9/10

Overall score – 9/10


Overall I was pleasantly surprised by these eyeshadows’ performance and I definitely plan to experiment with some of the other shades. Strong colours, long-lasting results and good value for money all from one little L’Oreal pot, what more could a girl want? They really are In-Fail-lible.

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