LOccitane Pivoine Flora Makeup Collection

Exclusive to L’Occitane is the gorgeous makeup collection Pivoine Flora. With blushing colours that will make anyone feel pretty, this range oozes romance and beauty.

For those floral fanatics out there, this limited edition collection is perfect for you. L’Occitane have pulled out all the stops to ensure the Pivoine Flora range is all about natural products that are soft, easy to apply and complimenting to the skin. From lipsticks to eyeshadows this collection has something for all.

For luscious lips there are the lipsticks that comes in a selection of flourishing pinks – Vaise Fuschia, Cuivr? Royal, Tourbillon Cerise and Rose Pique. All four are rich and moisturising so lips are promised a smooth and silky finish injected with fabulous colour. To truly stick to the floral theme, all are perfumed and give a subtle, flowery fragrance too.

Along with the lipstick is the Lip Shine. This is a great addition for the handbag as all four colours available work by lightly tinting the lips and leaving them with a glossy sheen. Lip Shine is available in Rose Ballerine, Brun Pirouette, Peche Farandole and Pointe Grenadine. Also available is the Incredible Lip Shine, which enhances the natural colour of your lips with a transparent glimmer.

For the face, L’Occitane have injected peony extract into their Healthy Glow Face Powder for a fresh application. This powder is also transparent and is great for making your skin look healthy and glowing. For a cheek colour that gives that ever perfect pinched skin look, the Facecolour Cream Duos offer it. Available in three shades (Rose Reverence, Arabesque Abricot and Beige Ballet), all come with two colours. One is a matte base to illuminate the face, the other a pearly tint to tinge the cheeks. Both blend easily together and again, all come with a sweet scent.

Finally, the Pivoine Flora collection offers a fabulous selection of eye shadows. The Duo Eyeshadows come in a selection of elegant colours that brighten the eyelids. All have a light shade to highlight the eye area, whilst the darker will add shape and definition to the eye. These duos range from smokey to peachy effects and all are a worthwhile make up must have. Shades available are Blanche Atoile, Corail Quadrille, Rose Tutu and Envol?e Lilas.

In addition to the duo’s is the Petals Eye Quartet, which comes with four stunning eye colours that create a lovely blooming effect with floral pinks and purples – perfect for a summery day look.

As mentioned above, the Pivoine Flora is available for a limited time only, so if you want to get your hands on this delicate range, you need to be quick! Visit L’Occitane for more details, uk.loccitane.com.

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