LN girls Mineral Foundation


So, it seems the Summer’s here – hooray! That means it’s time for
most of us ladies to switch to a lighter foundation. I’ve tested out LNgirls mineral powder foundation to see if it will be one of the season’s
make-up bag musts!


LNgirls products are organic, which means they do not contain dyes,
talcs, fillers, chemical preservatives, animal by-products, synthetic
fragrances, or anything nasty that you may find in other cosmetics.

Loose mineral foundation is the purest form of foundation available
and is appropriate for every skin type, including those with very oily
or sensitive skin. It works by refracting light, minimising the
appearance of blemishes and imperfections.


Foundation is one of the cosmetics I’m particularly picky with, but this product really impressed me.

used a powder brush to apply it, and at first found it quite difficult
to get an even look. But, I soon realised that after the foundation had
set for a few minutes it evened out by itself.

For the first
couple of hours I felt it looked a little dry and ‘cakey’, but as the
day progressed it surprised me and looked more like a normal foundation (liquid). It is super light and actually gave a really great, radiant coverage, which I
wasn’t expecting at all.

It lasted really well too, staying put for a good 10 hour day.

The only negative point was that it did make my skin feel a little
dried out but I think an oily or combination skin type may find its
dryness a positive.


I wasn’t very impressed with the packaging; I think it looked quite
cheap. I know it’s an organic product so meant to be minimalistic but I
don’t feel the packaging does the product justice.


£11.73 – which is a great price for such a good quality product that really does last.


Texture – 7/10 (because of the dryness)
Result – 8/10
Applicator – 8/10
Packaging – 3/10
Price – 9/10

Overall score – 7/10


I would definitely use LNgirls Mineral Foundation again and recommend it. It felt lovely and light but still gave a good coverage. 

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