Lipcote Review


Lipcote, branded as the original lipstick sealer, is a transparent and quick drying solution to perfect and protect every shade of lip colour for a smudge, feather and fade-proof finish.


Choose an on-trend matte lipstick – moisturizing and glossy lip colours won’t do. Apply lipstick; Blot; Paint Lipcote liberally all over lips.


Lipcote is sold everywear from supermarkets to special vintage boutiques. Its RRP is £3.45.


From Mad Men to Marc Jacobs, the matte lip is back. Whether worn 50s starlet style in pillar box red or embracing the 80s with bubblegum pink, the resurgence in matte lipstick means we want our pouts to stay perfect all day long. Thankfully Lipcote, first launched back in the 1950s, is back, re-launched just in time for lipstick lovers. Billed as the original lipstick sealer Lipcote promises to perfect and protect every shade of lip colour for a smudge, feather and fade proof finish.

And in reality? The good news is, it works. After applying my signature redhead friendly red (MAC’s Viva Glam Cyndi for any other pale skinned girls searching for a show-stopping but not clashing red) before leaving the house at 7 am my lips stayed close to perfect through coffee and pen lid sucking until lunch. Although I did experience slight feathering later in the day, my colour stayed strong throughout and I didn’t need to reapply once.

Although I have to admit that there was some trial and error involved. Firstly Lipcote will simply not work over any kind of balm meaning that after a few hours of wear my lips were starting to flake rather unattractively and felt a little worse for wear by early afternoon. You also must follow the directions to the letter, at my first attempt I omitted the blotting step and found as I brushed Lipcote over my lips most of my lip colour transferred onto the brush rather defeating the object of putting the Lipcote on in the first place!


Texture – 6/10
Result – 8/10
Longevity – 8/10
Applicator – 7/10
Packaging – 3/10
Price – 7/10

Overall Score – 7/10


Overall, with our lipstick love unlikely to fade anytime soon Lipcote does a great job of keeping your colour where it should be with very little effort. 2011 will see the launch of new packaging inspired by femininity, 1950s burlesque, tattoo art and art nouveau which is sure to fit into the prettiest cosmetic collection. And with a new vanilla flavour about to launch Lipcote will certainly earn a place in my make-up bag.

Verity Hogan

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