Pevonia Botanica – Ligne Tropicale De-Ageing Body Balm


Pevonia Botanica specialises in utilising rich powerful botanical ingredients derived from wildly grown or organically sourced plants.  Pevonia Botanica has created Ligne Tropicale an unparalleled aroma-sensory experience that synergizes the latest technologies with nature’s purest elements to deliver visibly ground breaking results. Ligne Tropicale harnesses the replenishing and smoothing actions of Shea butter and organic phyto-extracts specifically formulated to prevent premature ageing and aid repair, heralding a landmark in anti-ageing technology.

The home spa products available in the Ligne Tropicale Range are: De-Ageing Saltmousse; De-Ageing Body Balm and De-Aging Mist.

I tried the De-Ageing Body Balm.


The De-Ageing Body Balm is seductively rich, creamy and silky smooth in texture and works to maintain and restore the suppleness and elasticity associated with youthful skin. A unique blend of natural anti-ageing elements leave the body nourished, replenished and wonderfully repaired. It contains the moisturising ingredients Shea butter, Seed oil and nature’s greatest moisture magnet hyaluronic acid (helps skin maintain optimum water and therefore hydration levels). In addition, it contains extracts from vitamin rich fruits including pineapple, papaya, lemon and the super anti-oxidant pomegranate (which protect the skin from environmental assaults including free-radicals); as well as carrot (which stimulates cell growth). It also contains marine derived collagen and elastin polypeptides (effective in that they encourage the skin to produce and maintain it’s own collagen production). It also contains amino-acids (proteins essential for skin elasticity and firmness).


The first I noticed about the body balm is its beautiful peach colour and sweet tropical fruit smell.  Its lovely summer or holiday scent will certainly kick-start your happy hormones on a rainy day.  The balm’s luxurious creamy texture feels firming on application and left my skin looking and feeling silky, if not a little tacky, as time is needed for the product to soak-in. The silky consistency means a little goes a long way. The De-Ageing Body Balm also left my skin with a slight irredescent sheen, much like a body oil would but without the greasiness, which looks flattering, slimming and is perfect for bare legs. After using the product for two weeks I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture which felt firmer and a lot softer, and looked more radiant.

I’d say this body moisturiser would be fine for all skin-type but those with normal to dry skin would really reap its rich moisturising rewards. With long-term use I believe that the superb de-ageing ingredients in this product would strengthen skin and improve its elasticity resulting in a healthier and more youthful looking appearance.

Price & Packaging

The De-ageing Body Balm costs £55.00 (150ml) which is pricey. But, given that it is a prestige natural spa product with lots of lovely organic ingredients that have proven anti-aging properties, it is not such bad value, and, with the balm’s texture, you don’t need a lot for each application so the product is likely to last you a long time. Plus, using an the product at-home like this is certainly cheaper than visiting the spa for a treatment!

The packaging is lovely a stylish white glass tub with silver writing. Often the packaging of eco-packaged, natural beauty products is, quite frankly,  dull and plain, but not Pevonia Botanica’s; the Ligne Tropicale packaging is stylish and oozes luxury. It also includes a handy little plastic applicator to keep the product clean.

All Pevonia spas carry a selected range of Pevonia products; visit to find out more. Additionally, any Pevonia skincare product can be purchased by calling their Customer Care team on 01449 727000.


Texture: 10/10
Result: 9/10
Price: 7/10
Packaging: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Overall Score: 9/10


For a luxurious at-home spa experience look no further than Pevonia’s Ligne Tropical range. With it’s summery scent, anti-ageing ingredients and effective results, the De-Ageing Body Balm is quite simply a beautiful product.

When used in conjunction with Ligne Tropicale’s De-Ageing Salt Mousse your skin will be in a more youthful, radiant condition.

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