Lancome – Teint Miracle Foundation


Lancome’s Teint Miracle is a new natural radiance foundation said to improve the way your skin absorb and reflects light, to leave it looking more youthful, fresher and glowing.  On application your skin should look brighter and more flawless which should improve day after day. Lancome has decrypted how natural light effects the skin to give each complexion its distinctive colour.

Who’s It For

The foundation is suited to all skin types and all ages wanting a foundation which gives a luminous, light-infused bare-skin effect.


After 10 years of research into how the skin uses light, Lancome have created Teint Miracle with 7 patents pending. It has a super-lightweight sheer texture which results from a largely water based formula. It has 10 times less powdery fillers than a classic Lancome foundation. It can keep skin hydrated for 18 hours, and is up to 12 hour wear. 

In a major clinical study of hundreds of women, Lancome learnt how light is reflected and re-emitted from within the skin and the spectrum of colours that give skin its optimum, most youthful appearance. The skin’s natural colour spectrum can be affected by ageing, dehydration and dryness. As a result, Lancome came up with Aura-Inside Technology to recreate and boost the skin’s natural light and the discovery of new ingredients to perfect the complexion, including pink bioptic pigment to give luminosity; blue bioptic pigment to reinforce skin’s inner bluish radiance; and Byron, a silver liquid which boosts surface reflection of the skin to maximise surface radiance.

Tested on more than 450 women globally, 84% said their complexion has regained luminosity, 89% saw good surface coverage yet with a bare skin effect and 90% felt that their skin was hydrated.


The first thing you notice about Teint Miracle is its lovely floral scent.  It glides on easily and looks fresh and luminous on application. It does appear to manipulate light well by enhancing the skin’s natural contours and highlights – cheekbone definition is more noticeable for example,  giving skin a youthful appearance. Teint Miracle does give skin a perfect complexion despite its sheer coverage. The light coverage does make your skin feel and appear bare.

If you have open pores then this foundation may highlight rather than hide them, and we would not recommend this foundation for oily skin types as it can look shiny rather than luminous. It does hide other imperfections well though such as discolouration and flaky patches due to its high water and therefore hydration content.

The foundations staying power was good especially for a luminous type foundation. 

Price & Packaging

Packaged in an elegant glass bottle its clear rectangular shape is multifaceted to reflect light and symbolic of the product’s benefits. The lid is plastic for better practicality.

Priced at £26 for 30ml.


A gorgeous foundation for those wanting to restore some youthful light back into their complexion with a light coverage and natural finish.

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