Lancome – Fatale Mascara

If volume alone is your priority, then Fatale is for the ultimate volume junky. Its special 3D comb takes some practice, but once you have mastered its application you won't be disappointed. To apply the mascara correctly you must start at the base of your lashes then turn the comb upwards until you reach the tip of your lashes. The comb doesn't fail to plump and sculpt the lashes to create exceptional volume in a single stroke. The consistency of the mascara is also good — it separates the lashes well and doesn't clog. However, towards the end of the product's life you will notice the consistency gets more sticky and harder to apply. If looked after the mascara will last up to 6 months. Many women would choose to use this mascara as their evening mascara since its dramatic look can be too much for every day. Lancome doesn't need fancy packaging to sell well, and the rather understated, plain black packaging of Fatale, and indeed of all the brand's mascaras, may be a little boring but is both sophisticated and neat like the traditional Lancome wearer.  To top it all, the mascara comes in many great shades: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Plum and Sparling Black.  The mascara retails at £19.50.

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