Know your skin!

It may seem like a weird article title but the secret to wonderful, clear, healthy looking skin is to actually know your skin!

What do I mean by ‘knowing’ your skin? Well, you need to know what ingredients and which products work for your skin.

If you start using the wrong products with the wrong ingredients then your whole skincare regime goes down the drain, wrong products mean your skin will clog up and you get breakouts, you get breakouts and you use more make-up to cover your skin, the more make-up you use the worse your skin gets and it goes on and on in a really unfair cycle! (I know….it’s not nice)

BUT! With some simple advice you can really make your skin look lovely.

The MAIN thing you need to do is try and start using chemical free products. The more chemicals we use the more we strip our skin from it’s natural goodness which causes damage in the long run.

If you have oily skin avoid harsh ingredients that will strip the skin and use products with witch hazel, grapefruit, peppermint or tea tree — are all natural anti-oxidants that help to prevent breakouts and bring skin pH back to normal which reduces the amount of oils being produced.

What moisturiser to use with oily skin?

Use one with ingredients I’ve listed above like peppermint and tea tree and find a moisturiser which provides moisture where needed and mattifies when there’s excess oils.

If you have dry skin use products which provide moisture, soothe and calm the skin from any itchiness, flakiness, etc, by using products that contain sweet almond oil, honey and shea butter.

Honey and almond oil nourish and soften the skin and protect the skin throughout the day. So make sure you look for honey or almond oil in products.

For normal skin, make sure you use a cream cleanser or milky cleanser which isn’t harsh and won’t strip and dehydrate skin. Avoid using oily products which can end up in breakouts! Rose, peppermint and vitamin A are wonderful for normal skin types as they will help to keep the balance right.

No matter what skin type you are, exfoliating the skin every 2-3 days also helps. Removing dead skin cells will leave skin looking healthy and feeling smooth. I recommend exfolitaing every 2-3 days and if you find a gentle scrub you can use it daily!





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