Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Collection

Renowned for their natural, honest ingredients, Australia’s finest skincare brand, Jurlique, introduce the Purely White Skin Brightening Collection.

Containing VITABRIGHTKX, a science innovated complex which holds all the magical ingredients that radiates the skin, the range consists of five fabulous products that all contribute to fading discolourations and creating even skin tone.

First up is the Skin Brightening Cleanser (£20), which is a gentle face wash that removes all impurities. By also containing natural mineral exfoliant, Rhyolite, it also acts as a polish for your face, minimising dullness to create a smooth, clear complexion.

Following the cleanser is the Skin Brightening Mist (£25). This seals the skin with a lightweight coat that contributes to a brighter complexion. The liquorice root and black elder extract also tends to the skin, keeping it well nourished and healthy. This product is best used twice daily and feels extra refreshing if kept refrigerated.

After using the mist, it is suggested that you use the Skin Brightening Essence (£48). This is one of the more powerful products in the range as it contains a rich amount of Vitamin C, which contributes to eliminating dullness and skin discolouration. It also works well on reducing the appearance of fine lines to generate a youthful glow.

To finish off the collection are the day and night creams – Skin Brightening Day Cream (£32) and Skin Brightening Treatment (£35) – both are light moisturisers which make the skin appear smoother and well nurtured. The day cream also promotes collagen synthesis which adds to the development of skin brightening. Both are advised to be used after the essence which is also applied morning and night.

With 25 years of experience, Jurlique has a high level of expertise in producing natural skincare by using ingredients sourced on their farm in Adelaide. The Purely White Skin Brightening Collection is carefully constructed to be kind to skin and by also using natural science innovation, Jurlique have produced effective formulas that do exactly what they say. With prices starting from £20, the new range is available to purchase at www.jurlique.co.uk, SpaceNK, John Lewis and Selfridges.

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