How to apply Liquid Eyeliner

If you ever want to make an impact with your make-up, eyeliner is a tool that can define your whole appearance. Whether it’s liquid, pencil, colour, or classic black, eyeliner is something to have fun and experiment with. However, whilst it may come in different forms, there is a slight art to applying liquid liner. Despite this though, it is a skill that anyone can attain and here are three easy steps to putting it on:

1. When applying liquid eyeliner for the first few times, start by leaning on something (a table/chest of drawers etc). This will keep your arm steady and allow you to get used to the process easily. Also have cotton buds handy so if you do experience any smudging, you can tackle it whilst the ink is still wet.
2. Start on the outer side of the lid with small, smooth strokes and gradually extend the line out towards the end of the eye. If the liner glides on easily without you having to put any pressure on it, your line will remain sleek and steady throughout.
For a subtle look, apply the liner up to the middle of your lid, making sure it is even and right along the edge of lash line. If you want to add detail, add a slight outward extension, which contributes to a feminine, flirty touch.
3. For your water line (inner part of the eye) it is recommended you use a eyeliner pencil which is more gentle. Using a pencil that applies softly, brush gently along your waterline to define the outline of your eye, which will develop a deep look.  Eyeliner pencils are also great at acheiving a smoky eyes look below the lower lash line. If you want bold, sharp eyes, you can then add liquid liner along the bottom of the eye to create a dark, smoky look.

What can be created

Once you have mastered the method of applying liquid eye liner, have fun with it! It practicality allows you to create different looks and is also brilliant for a quick touch up if your out and about. From a thin, delicate day line to dramatic shaping, liquid liner will instantly transform your look and here are a few tips on how to wear it:
A slim, low key line is ideal for everyday wear. When applying, be careful of the thickness and make sure it runs across the eye, from the tear duct right to the edge.
Extending the line out to the sides adds definition and creates a daring, intense look. Make sure the line begins right down in the tear duct, starting off very fine and then graduating as it goes further along. With added extensions at the end, make sure both eyes are identical (a tip for this is making a small dot with the liner on either side where you want the line to finish).
Once you have good control of applying liquid eyeliner, you might want to try an adventurous look. For the perfect catwalk steal, have a go at creating ‘wings’ (in the above image) on both sides of the eye. This is the ultiamte liquid liner look. To create the effect, you will need to spread a thick line across the eye lid and draw the wings so they lie at a vertical angle across the eye. This may mean you have to repeat coats to build thickness.

What to use

Whilst liquid eyeliner is a fabulous make-up utensil, it is important that you have the right one. What you need to look for is one that is a solid colour, dries quickly and glides on effortlessly. Read our article on our top 5 liquid eyeliners.
But we also love:
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Liner. RRP: £7.99
Perfect for creating all types of looks and is applied using an eyeliner brush.
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen. RRP: £22.50
This waterproof, slick liner is great for on-the-go retouching and its fine nib works well
when adding detail to the eye.
MAC Superslick Liquid Liner. RRP: £15.00
Dries in 15 seconds and won’t budge until you wash it off. Its ‘magic’ tip also helps prevent
wobbly lines and smudging. To add to this, it also comes in a variety of colours too so if
you are feeling really adventurous, have a play around with different tones!
So, there it is! Three steps to glamorous, sexy eyes. Once you have grasped liquid eyeliner, it will become a permanent fixture in your make-up collection, allowing you to create a variety of looks for any occasion.

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