Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder


Life is better with a tan, right?! Everyone feels better with a golden glow, and GOSH have a brand new affordable bronzing collection for those of us with sun-starved skin. If you haven’t heard of GOSH cosmetics before, they are a brand exclusive to Superdrug stores. I tried shade 002 pink.


I was initially a little apprehensive about this bronzer, I wasn’t overly keen about using something glittery on my face. However, I was proved wrong, and I ended up LOVING this bronzer.

As advised, I used a big make-up brush for application. The shades are great for defining cheekbones and collarbones. It’s a really nice bronze shade, and very pigmented, so you won’t need much on your brush.

There are 5 shades in the bronzing palette, I really liked this because you can use different combinations of shades from the palette to slightly tone your look down or up. It’s very multi-tonal, and not glittery at all, although it does have a discrete shimmer to it. I used the lighter brown and white shades at the bottom of the palette for highlighting, and this worked really well for me. It also saves having to buy a separate highlighter.

It was supposed to be the pinker shade to “create a soft rosy glow”, however I still felt it was quite a dark bronze. So, I imagine that shade 001 Bronze which “creates a deep bronze glow” is for someone with a darker skin tone than my own.

GOSH bronzing Shimmer powder is perfume free, which I really like as I don’t like to use products with a strong smell on my face. The staying power was fab, with no need to reapply until the evening. This bronzer sets off a tan really nicely.


£7.99, what a bargain! The pot is large and you don’t need much on application.


The palette was pretty basic, black, plain and sturdy. I felt confident that it wouldn’t break in my make-up bag. It’s very large, and I feel it could benefit from having a mirror inside the lid.


Texture – 9/10
Result – 10/10
Applicator – 9/10
Packaging – 8/10
Price – 9/10

Overall score – 9/10


I LOVED this bronzer. It is definitely my new ‘go to’ bronzer. I love the fact that there are 5 different shades to combine, and was very impressed with the overall quality of the product. It’s a really good price and really wearable. Great for someone who is just starting out with their make-up collection.

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