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Some of the best beauty and makeup advice I ever received was over the counter and free. Makeup artists and beauty consultants in local department stores have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beauty and they’re more than happy to share this information. It’s not all about getting you to buy an abundance of the beauty goods they’re pushing; they genuinely love their jobs and love the brands they work for. Most have years of experience and know all the best beauty tips and tricks.

imageSo it’s great to keep a look out for free in-store makeup demonstrations, product launches and special offers. I recently spotted a print advert in a free street press publication that announced a great offer to readers to introduce them to Bobbi Brown at Liberty London. A complimentary makeup lesson to learn all of Bobbi’s signature tips and techniques. All you had to do was call in and book your lesson with one of Bobbi’s expert make up artists. Too easy!

Bobbi Brown started a makeup revolution in 1991 with a handful of lipsticks, practical techniques and a simple philosophy. Bobbi believes that “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” Through Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi has enabled women to enhance their own unique beauty. With straightforward, easy-to-use cosmetics in timeless hues, all formulated to create a smooth, natural, and healthy appearance. Now Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is the latest addition to Liberty London, a beauty mecca filled with beauty lust-haves and great makeup artists.
imageYou can choose from eleven unique Bobbi Makeup Lessons including eyebrow styling, how to perfect the smokey eye, the secret to perfect skin and even bridal beauty if your planning your big day. I chose the 10 Step Lesson which is Bobbi’s signature 45 minute lesson were you learn Bobbi’s tricks of the trade and create a complete beauty routine that’s right for you.

I was keen to get some personalised tips for my dry/normal skin type. I don’t wear an excessive amount of makeup, I hate heavy foundations and avoid strong eye makeup during the day, so a fresh Bobbi look that enhanced natural beauty sounded great to me. So below is a recount of the quintessential Bobbi look that can be easily re-created at home.

imageGet the Bobbi look by prepping the skin with Hydrating Face Tonic (£19.00). This cooling tonic features cucumber, chamomile, liquorice, aloe leaf and lavender to soothe and soften the skin. Unlike a normal toner that strips the skin, this formula is rejuvenating and leaves the skin feeling ultra clean and fresh.

imageNext apply Hydrating Face Cream (£34.00) to your face and neck. This cream is rich in moisture and hydrates the skin without that being greasy. After the application my skin feels plump and smooth. A little Hydrating Eye Cream (£28.00) is added under my eyes, which is quick-absorbing and freshens up my face on this Sunday morning. Definitely a new favourite eye cream!

Then Lip Balm SPF 15 (£14.00) is applied and you can feel this balm immediately go to work to soften and protect the lips. It’s comfortable to wear and non-greasy. Perfect for all skin types.

Next up and highly recommended for dry skin a little Extra Repair Serum (£60.00) is rubbed into my skin, with extra attention to my forehead, jaw line and cheeks. I’m told it reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to reveal a clearer more radiant complexion. I love the subtle fragrance and at this point my skin is feeling rather pampered. It’s like I’ve had a ten-minute facial, my skin is lovin’ it. 

imageWhile my skin is soaking up all the moisturising goodies my make up artist Helen discusses foundations with me and we decide to go for a Tinted Moisturiser in Light Tint (£27.00) (read our review). This is a great alternative to foundations and ideal for dry and normal skin types. It’s easily absorbed, evens out your complexion and leaves a lovely dewy fresh finish. With SPF 15 it’s also great for summer or when you desire a more natural casual look. Apply using a Foundation Brush (£31.00) and a Touch Up Stick in Cool Sand (£18.00) is also be used to conceal any imperfections, redness or blemishes.

imageNow a Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque (£17.00) is dabbed in and around my under-eye area. Helen informs me that the warmth of your fingers heats the product as you dab and apply so the creamy formula melts into the skin for a flawless finish. You get better coverage and a more natural finish. This product is great for dark circles and to brighten and neutralise any discolouration around the eyes. Another great Creamy Concealer in Cool Sand (£17.00) is applied to highlight my eyes and also cover up blemishes.

imageI love a multi-tasker when it comes to beauty products so I was pleasantly surprised when Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks in Powdered Pink (£17.00) is used for my blush. A very pretty shade that leaves the cheeks looking naturally flushed. The cream-based formula is gently dabbed into the skin using fingertips in an upwards motion along your cheekbones. Creates cute rosy apples cheeks.

imageNow a coat of High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bare Sparkle (£17.00) is applied. I’m not really a fan of glittery glosses but the shimmer in this gloss is so fine you don’t feel it. It just leaves the lips looking plump and glamorous. A great way to highlight your lips for a fun day look.

imageMy brows are given a quick lift with a Brow Pencil in Taupe (£14.00). Defines the eyes and gives a great natural look to a fuller, thicker brow. This creamy blendable pencil is gently combed through using an Eye Brow Brush, (£21.00). Light feathery strokes produce a great natural finish.

Now an eye shadow mix is applied – Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold (£16.50) on the lower lid which has a lovely velvety-smooth formula and Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Copper Cocoa (£15.00) in the crease, which adds a great shimmery dimension.

imageLong-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia (£15.50) is applied along my top lashes using an Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush (£21.00). Both would be a fantastic investment for eyeliner lovers. Long-lasting and imageeasy-to-use you could truly perfect a flirtatious flick this winning duo. Complete this Bobbi look with a coat of Extreme Party Mascara (£18.00) for big, bold lashes.

I love the Bobbi look that was created for me with the help of makeup artist Helen. The 10 Step Lesson was a great experience and loaded with useful, practical beauty knowledge. Bobbi believes that all women should have access to not only great products and tools but also easy-to-use techniques so this free makeup demonstration really went hand in hand with Bobbi Brown’s philosophy.

If you’ve had a great complimentary beauty or makeup offer recently please share your experience and post below.

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