Fiona Tanner – Talks Wedding Makeup

We asked professional makeup artist Fiona Tanner about the products and looks she likes best for brides.

What can a bride-to-be do to ensure her skin is the perfect make-up base on the day?

Exfoliate 3 times per week.  Eat healthily, exercise and drink plenty of water and juices like tomato juice which is amazing for the skin.

How do you decide what colours and products to use on a bride?

It depends on the brides age, individual tastes and colour palette.  It also depends on the dress – whether it is modern or has a vintage twist; many of my brides like to have a vintage inspiration which has been modernised and softened to suit them.  I always use long lasting waterproof makeup products – a good makeup takes time to base so that it's soft yet long lasting.

What are the benefits of getting airbrushing foundation?

It's long lasting, flawless yet natural. To a certain extent, it does post production for the photographer.

What is your favourite alternative wedding makeup look?

Vintage 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's.

What advice would you give a bride doing her own wedding makeup?

Try out different looks before the day and give yourself a lot of time to complete the look so that you enjoy the whole experience.

Fiona Tanner is an award-winning makeup artist, her work includes TV, theatre, celebrities, private clients and weddings. Visit her website for further information about her services:

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