Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Having perfect eyebrows is essential to any beauty goddess, and your makeup kit is not complete without an eyebrow product. Not only can well-kept eyebrows open-up the shape of and add sparkle to your eyes, but are the finishing touch to any makeup look. So here is are our top tips on achieving beautifully pruned, shaped and filled in eyebrows.

How to shape them yourself

Of course you could always go to your local salon to get your eyebrows professionally waxed, tweezed or threaded but it is actually easier than you may think (and cheaper!) to do your own.

Unless you have very unruly eyebrows with lots of hair to remove, plucking is simple with a good pair of tweezers. If you stretch the skin taut around your eyebrows as you go, any pain is minimised. The hardest part is finding the shape you want.

For a traditional, shaped look, follow the shape of your eyebrow’s natural arch. Most women will go for an eyebrow shape which is angled or curved. Angled shapes are more defined and curved shapes are softer but both have the following: hair that is squared off and full at the beginning, but thins out as it reaches the central curve of the eyebrow, and gradually gets thinner still until it reaches a subtle point at the end.

Look at the shape your eyebrows naturally grow and identify the hairs you don’t need. You will mainly be removing hair from the central base of the brow. To make sure you keep to the shape you want, use a white pencil or concealer on the hairs you want to remove.  You can also buy plastic eyebrow shaping stencil tools from some beauty stores.

It is always better to start off removing a little hair at a time as you can always pluck more. The first time you tweeze will be the hardest as from then onwards you can maintain your new beautiful brow shape by plucking the hairs as they grow.

If you really can’t get to grips with tweezers, waxing strips (some of which even come shaped) and hair removal creams work well on soft, fine hair.

If you lighten your hair,  eyebrow tinting can also be achieved with an at home kit or at the beauty salon.

Types of eyebrow fillers

Eyebrow pencils

Eyebrow pencils are the most popular eyebrow makeup product and there is plenty of choice on the market. Eyebrow pencils should be soft with colour that comes out easily. Eyebrow pencils can be used to shape, fill in, darken or lighten your eyebrows. Choose an eyebrow pencil colour which closely matches your natural colour, perhaps just a slightly warmer version.

When using the pencil, colour in any open spaces with light, rough strokes to appear like real hair. Square it off at the beginning, arch the middle and taper it to a fine point at the end. Wet the eyebrow pencil for a deeper colour and more dramatic look. We particularly like Christian Dior’s Powder Eyebrow pencil which comes in a wide range of colours from blonde to black.

Liquid eyebrow colour

Resembling a mascara wand, liquid brow colours, gels or sets, provide shiny strokes. Liquid colour looks particularly good on rich brown and black eyebrows. M.A.C’s Brow Set also comes in clear colour to set any eyebrow colour.

Eyebrow powders

By using an eyeshadow powder or powder especially created to colour brows, you can get a softer, more powdery, three-dimensional look. Many eyeshadow powders come with an applicator brush and brow set gel or cream to help keep the powder in place. Powders often work well on blonde and light brown brows. Eyebrowz eyebrow powders give fantastic long-lasting, soft colour (can be purchased online at www.eyebrowz.com).

Once you have shaped and filled in your eyebrows, use a highlighter on your brow bone to accentuate the shape, and you will surely have perfect eyebrows.

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