Exfoliate & Glow

Every girl who wishes for an even, all-over tan will know the importance of a good exfoliation regime. Armed with an exfoliating mitt and skin-friendly body scrub, exfoliation serves to remove dead skin cells, eradicate excess oils that clog pores and expose the layer of new, healthy skin underneath. But what are the key steps involved pre, post and during exfoliation?

1. Choose your scrub & exfoliating equipment

First and foremost (and perhaps most importantly) you should find an exfoliating scrub that is suited to your skin type. The more grainy the scrub the better, so opt for rough ingredients such as sea salt and oatmeal. Sensitive skins will benefit from simple, less harsh scrubs; Simple Exfoliating Body Wash employs a non-abrasive formula composed of Vitamin B5 and natural loofah to tenderly remove dead skin, available at a mere £2.09.

Face Exfoliators

Mature skin types may benefit from Olay Total Effects Thermal Polisher, which incorporates mild micro-crystals that heat up and work to defy the tell-tale signs of ageing. For those of you prone to oily skin, Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub boasts gentle rounded granules and a cooling menthol finish.

Body Exfoliators

If you have normal-type skin and can afford to splash out, why not indulge with Elemis’ Devils Mint Body Scrub; a scrub infused with sea plant particles and Essential Peppermint Oil to relax you while offering spa-worthy results? Alternatively, Soap & Glory’s The Scrub Of Your Life allows for an enjoyable exfoliation experience on a budget.

While a body scrub can do a good enough job when applied with your hand, a loofah, exfoliating sponge or exfoliating glove utilise rough material to more rigorously scrub your skin.

2.  Dry brush your skin

Using your loofah, sponge or mitt, dry brush your skin from the soles of your feet upwards. This will get rid of the looser dead skin cells.

3. Wet Skin

Get in the shower and dampen your skin lightly in warm water (this will soften the skin and open the pores). Using a fifty-pence-piece-sized amount on your exfoliating applicator for each limb, apply your scrub to the skin in circular motions, concentrating on body parts prone to rough skin such as the heels and elbows. Wash off the scrub in lukewarm/cold water to close the pores.

4. Dry-off and moisturise

Pat your body dry and use a hydrating moisturiser, such as Jergen’s Natural Ultra Hydrating Body Moisturiser to counteract the drying effects of your exfoliation session. Apply liberally all over your body and say hello to a gorgeous and flawless torso.

5. Repeat the regime

With skin renewal occurring approximately every 20 days (although this is slower for more mature skin types) exfoliation should be repeated at least once a week. This can be altered accordingly to your skin type; dryer skins should exfoliate minimally to avoid unwanted irritation, while oilier skins require extra attention to rid the skin of oil build-up. So if you dare to bare all this summer, be sure to keep up to speed with your body’s exfoliation needs.

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