Essential Handbag Beauty Items

Our handbags are there for the basics must haves – purse, phone, keys and diaries, but they are also on hand to hold all the beauty necessities we use throughout the day. Now, this may vary for certain individuals, but there are an array of essentials that are great to keep in your bag for emergency re-touches.


Depending on your daily look, your lip colour might be a bold colour, sheer nude or just simply a lip balm. Whatever you prefer,have it on you at all times. Lips can easily become dry or cracked, especially in air-conditioned places. This might apply to many people who work in offices but topping your lips up throughout the day will ensure they stay soft and moisturised. Here are some amazing lip saviours to keep on with you at all times:

Laura Mercier Stickgloss

Gives the best of both worlds as a coloured lip balm. Available in a variety of shades (Black Orchid is a top pick!). Laura Mercier Stick Gloss is available from SpaceNK. RRP: £16.50

Vaseline Lip Therapy tins

Simple, yet effective and now it is available in different scents (Rosy Lips also has a slight tint), it is a definite must have for handbags. Vaseline Lip Therapy is available from Boots. RRP: £2.03

Maxfactor Lipfinity

Provides a strong hold for round the clock colour. Ideal if you face people on a day-to-day basis and it’s colour seal top coat allows you to keep your lips nourished and shiny. Maxfactor Lipfinity is available from Boots. RRP: £10.99

Powders and Anti-Shines

Do you find that your make-up looks pristine first thing in the morning but by the end of the day it has a streaky, smudgy appearance? Foundation is good at what it does, however ensuring it remains sheer and even throughout the day can be another matter. Powders can rescue disheveled demeanours by giving your skin a matte finish, which is why it should rightly be classed as a handbag hero. Compact and easy to whip out, it can used quickly wherever and whenever, especially if you opt for a pressed powder. Here are some highly recommended compacts:

Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder

Is available from SpaceNK. RRP: £24.50

Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

Is available from Boots. RRP: £20.00

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder

Is available from Boots. RRP: £3.99

Illamasqua Pressed Powder

Is available from Debenhams RRP: £19.50

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Is available from Boots. RRP: £12.00

For those that don’t like the idea of applying powder, why not try an anti-shine! They do exactly what it says on the tin – eliminate shine in one quick application. Again they are available in compacts that will fit snuggly in your handbag. Or if you don’t fancy that, try anti-shine tissues. Their silky coating soaks up excess grease and do the job just as well. For anti-shines that deliver amazing results try these:

Smashbox Compact Anti Shine

Available from RRP: £21

Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Blotting Tissues

Available from RRP: £4.50

MAC Blot Film

Available from RRP: £10.50 (30 sheets)

Hand Creams

We all like to maintain glowing skin but our hands are the part of the body that gets exposed to so much. We rely on using them all day everyday, so it is only fair to nurture them in return and the simple easy way of achieving this is hand cream. Applying it at least once a day helps the skin greatly by keeping them soft and velvety. A small bottle can also go a long way, as hand cream is normally a very rich treatment.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

A lovely, sweet scent and the perfect aid for dry, cracked hands. Also available in lavender and citrus.

Available from SpaceNK. RRP: £33.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrate

A nourishing butter for hands, elbows, knees and feet this is ideal for the handbag, especially as the summer months are approaching (bare legs can be kept smooth 24/7)!

Available from Boots. RRP: £2.24

Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream

A classic, skin friendly cream that improves skin’s elasticity.

Available from Boots. RRP: £3.36

Obviously, the choice is yours on what to carry with you, as certain products are more essential compared to others, but if you are one to stock your hand bag with an endless supply of beauty regimes why not also try:


Keeping your signature scent on you can make you feel so refreshed during a busy, warm day!

Top Coat Nail Polish

Chips can happen anywhere and everywhere, which is why a decent finishing coat is handy to have for emergency nail care.


You never know when a blister could occur, even if you are wearing your comfy shoes!

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