DIY Wedding Hairstyles

Saying “I do” doesn’t have to mean “I don’t” to hot hair. Olivia Cox takes inspiration from this and next season’s catwalks, mixed with tips from Malcolm Edwards – in-house stylist for L’Oreal Professional – to pump up the volume on three traditional wedding styles.

1. Pony

This classic and sleek style (main image – side pony) is easy to achieve and requires little maintenance. Start by sectioning hair into curls with clips – we love Trevor Sorbie Large Sectioning Clips (£4.75 Boots) – and leave to set. Once cool, release the clips and brush through the curls with a natural bristle brush to prevent snagging. Using a fine-tooth comb, backcomb hair at the roots to create lift – any time you want to build up a silhouette, Malcolm suggests that the base is key. Smooth hair back on itself for a smooth finish – try using quick strokes of a (clean!) chopstick to smooth away any unwanted bumps as you secure into an elastic. Choose the height of your pony imagebased on your face shape – rounder faces should choose a higher style to elongate the face and emphasise cheekbones, whilst a lower base will soften longer faces. Side ponies llok great on the those with heart shaped faces or a square jaw-line.

The pony base is a great place for a bit of creativity. Slide a barrette over your elastic, clip into place and then slide the elastic off to create a sleek, classic shape.  For a more subtle finish, try wrapping a section of hair around 1 inch thick around your elastic. Or for the more adventurous, try adorning your crown with a decoration comb, as at Alexander McQueen A/W11. Finish by misting a light hold hairspray above your head and allowing it to fall lightly onto the hair. Try Schwarzkopf Osis Elastic for a flexible finish, which will still allow your style the freedom to move without falling out. £8.95 at

2. Loose

Waves, curls or straight – take your pick. Described by Malcolm as “a spa day
for your hair”, wearing your hair loose demands superior grooming and
attention to detail, but allows plenty of creative license. As ever,
prevention is better than cure, so keep hair sleek by priming it with
Label M Heat Protection Spray before you style, to prevent split ends or
unwanted fly-aways (£8.60 at Rough dry
your hair first and keep a water spritzer to hand, to maintain moisture
in fast-drying locks. Using a large barrel brush to keep hair taught,
angle an ionic dryer down the hair shaft, finishing each
section with a blast of cold air to seal follicles and maximise shine.
Malcolm suggests spraying your finishing product onto hands or brush
before running through your locks for a high shine finish that won’t
weigh fine hair down. Try Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray, £18.65 at

3. Buns

Versatile, feminine, and flattering to every face shape, buns were ubiquitous on S/S11 and A/W11 catwalks, from Celine’s delicate knots at the nape of the neck, to the super-sized rolls at Oscar de la Renta. Begin with a pony in your desired position, secured with a small elastic. Wrap the hair around the base of the pony (use a doughnut for extra volume if you have fine hair – we love Boots Doughnut Ring (£4.60), and secure with pins. Spritz fingers with a firm hold hairspray such as Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray, £8.76 at www.lookfantasticcom, and smooth loose ends into the bun. For a softer silhouette a la Temperley A/W11, tease the bun with your fingers and gently rub your hairline to create a delicate, fly-away texture that’s subtly sexy and feminine.

If you’re creating a super high style, begin by blow-drying your hair upside down, to coax roots into lying in a new direction. It’ll make styling easier as you’re not fighting against your hair, and will prevent that dull ache later in the day.

Start small, and use a serum such as Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum £12.60 at as a catch-all weapon to bring the luxe back in to dryer textures. An old-faithful hair style can be altered as simply as changing your parting or adding an accessory. Resurrect a tired look with hair-pieces or plaits, and experiment by tilting the head to a different angle as you work. Malcolm suggests always prepping hair with a texture product which will make it fibrous, malleable, and much easier to work with. Try L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Texture Tonic, £9.40 at, and get creative!

*Article images © Alena Ozerova  (loose hair) and © Martin Valigursky (pony)

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