DIY French Manicure

Manicured nails

Step one

French Manicures look best when you have slightly long nails, but make sure they are filed neatly either rounded or squared off. Ensure your cuticles are pushed down and look tidy by using a cuticle tip.

Step two

If you have never tried a French Manicure before, or can’t keep steady try making a template. All I do is cut a small piece of paper with a “moon shaped” edge and attached to my nail with a bit of selotape. I’d suggest making one for your thumb and another for the rest of your fingers, but you could make a template for each individual finger to get the sizes perfect.

If you want to try without the templates; go for it. It’s easy enough once you practice it a little. For both methods these rules apply – Locate the natural white tip to your nails. The white nail varnish should come down just below this tip. You can experiment how big you want your painted white tip to be. Start off small; you can always add more nail varnish if you want the French tips bigger.

Top Tip

I always paint over the very top of my nail to make it look neater. This also stops nail varnish chipping so easily!

Step 3

Once you have the white tips on, add a peach or pink color. Sometimes I add a coat before the white too, it’s up to you. Experiment with what you like! If you are a beginner I’d suggest starting with the white, so that if you make a mistake you can just wipe off. Add two coats of the pink or peach if you want a false nail look; everyone is always convinced I have false nails when wearing a French manicure.

Step 4

Add a clear coat of nail varnish to finish. Again, I go over the very top of my nails and also a little underneath. This method seems to reduce chipping for me. This is the finished look. Practice French manicures often and you will become a pro!

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