DIY Face Mask Recipes

We all love homemade face masks/skincare and what’s better? Natural and affordable face masks and skincare that actually work and make our skin look and feel amazing.

Here I have written about some face masks and skincare recipes which have natural ingredients. Different ingredients are suited to different skin types so I have listed a recipe for each skin type.

Blemished/oily skin

With a blemished skin type it can be hard to know which ingredients work for it instead of against it. I’ve heard so many different things that people have used but if it’s too harsh for the skin it will make any problems worse.

For a blemished or oily skin type it is best to use a mask which is clay or seaweed based; the reason being that clay and seaweed both deep cleanse the skin right into the pores and fight off any bacteria which is causing breakouts.

I like argilla clay masks best; you can find them in certain herbal shops around the UK. I used to suffer with really bad skin and after using the following face mask while I was in Greece it cleared up and now my skin is fine!


Into a bowl add:

3 teaspoons of any clay/seaweed based mask (powder)
Some drops of fresh orange juice to mix the clay into a thick paste
Apply it onto the skin until it completely dries out and you can’t smile! Remove it by either rubbing it off with lukewarm water or just splash your face until it dissolves. Also splash your face with cold water at the end to close the open pores.

Your skin should feel slightly tight but smooth. This is normal for a deep cleansing mask.

The orange’s natural fruit acid has anti-bacterial properties to help clear up any problem skin areas.

If you have acne this face mask will help and you can also add the following step: Dab each acne blemish with a cotton bud dipped in a blend of lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil and myrrh – it reduces redness and also helps the skin to heal.

Top Tip

Drinking green tea is beneficial to a blemished or oily skin type.

Normal/dry skin

Normal skin types have a variety of skin masks to choose from but it doesn’t mean that every ingredient is beneficial to the skin.

The below recipe is very simple but does wonders for a normal/dry skin type leaving it positively glowing and healthy.


Into a bowl of hot water add:

4 drops of rose oil
3 drops of lavender oil

Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl for several minutes or for as long as you feel comfortable.

The rose oil adds some moisture and gently cleanses the skin leaving it feeling fresh.
Lavender soothes skin if there is any redness or dryness (as does the rose oil).

Generally this recipe relaxes your skin and gently opens up pores so that the oils can rid the skin of impurities.

Top tip

Drinking chamomile tea will also help to keep a normal/dry skin type lovely and soft.

Combination skin

A combination skin type tends to get oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin and dryness on the cheeks.

One simple ingredient for this skin type is tea tree oil. A few drops on a cotton pad gently wiped over the problem areas works wonders; tea tree fights against any spots, cleanses the skin and removes oil. Leave the tea tree oil on the skin for several minutes and then wipe it off with a tea tree wipe or you can cleanse it with a tea tree based skin wash.

A few drops of lemon onto a cotton pad is amazing too, it stings/tingles slightly but if you want homemade face care this is one to go for – it’s simple, quick and easy to get hold of! It works better on the skin if the lemon juice is cold.


Into a bowl add:

3 drops of lemon juice
2 drops tea tree oil
3 drops of orange juice
3 drops of lime
Mix together and wipe over your face with a cotton pad, leaving it until it is dry. Rinse off with cold water.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types require soothing ingredients to reduce redness and prevent itching or flaking.


So here is a quick simple recipe:

Into a bowl of warm water add:

3 drops rose oil
2 drops jojoba oil
3 drops pomegranate oil
2 drops coconut oil
As mentioned above the rose oil soothes skin and reduces redness.
Jojoba oil resembles the natural oil in our skin, it has natural anti-bacterial properties and is an excellent conditioner for the skin and hair.

Pomegranate oil is a natural anti-oxidant and nourishes the skin. It an excellent oil for eczema, mature skin and sunburnt skin as well since it reduces redness and helps skin heal back to how it should normally be.
Hopefully these homemade recipes will help each skin type. I love homemade skincare, it makes your skin feel and look amazing with all the natural vitamins, oils and fruit acids.

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