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Sometimes we all want a change in our face care regime, but it’s hard not spending a fortune finding the right products. Dermalogica, a leading brand across spas and beauty houses, offer a great trial pack of their Clean Start products that combines exactly what young skin needs everyday. Wash Off is a foaming face-wash that gets right into your pores to wipe out nasty bacteria. This can also be used in other spot problem areas, such as, back or chest. All Over Clear, a toning spray, is really energising and fresh smelling. Ready, Set, Scrub is a gentle exfoliator which when left on your face for a few minutes can be used as a mask too. Bedtime for Breakouts is a gel to put over your spots at night. Finally, Welcome Matte is a lightweight moisturiser with added SPF15 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The trial pack comes with small bottles of the above products, however, there are other products in the range that you can purchase in the larger sizes.


I’ve been using this range for a couple of months and I feel it gets right into my skin to wash away the nasties. The cleansing gel builds up a nice lather, and the toning spray really helps your skin feel awake in the morning. Your skin will be extra soft and fresh after using the exfoliator, which isn’t too harsh on your skin. The moisturiser is very hydrating to skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturised all day. The bedtime spot treatment is the only product that I felt did nothing for me. I did use it as directed but my spots were unchanged after using it for a while.

Packaging and price

The packaging is young, simple, clean and fresh – exactly like the product inside. The trial pack itself was £22.50 which was excellent value for money. The individual bigger bottles start at £8.20 up to £14.30, however, for fresh and soft skin, these products are not that pricey.

Dermalogica Clean Start Range can be purchased from


Texture – 10/10
Result – (aside from the bedtime for spots) – 8/10
Packaging – 9/10
Price – 10/10
Quality – 8/10

Overall – 9/10


The trial pack is great if you want to try some new beauty products but don’t want to blow the budget. Guaranteed to hold at least one product that you’ll become addicted to. Apart from Bedtime for Breakouts, I’m still using all of the products and the bigger bottles are a decent price for a skin care regime. Two thumbs up!


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