Clinique – Redness Solutions Foundation


Clinique have recently launched a new range of skincare products, claiming to measurably reduce redness and calm irritated skin, clearer skin is always a plus, so let’s give it a go!


Redness Solutions offers an oil free formula. This contains probiotic technology which helps to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. It contains SPF and antioxidants, an interesting concoction!


Although I have never suffered from rosacea, I do often suffer from redness and the occasional blotchy patch. I found this foundation gave amazing coverage without feeling too heavy. Normally during a breakout I would have to apply a fair bit of concealer beforehand, but redness solutions was effective enough for me to be able to skip this part.

The texture was lovely and light, and I only needed to apply a thin layer so it feels like I’m not even wearing any make up. Super!

The only negative for me was that it was not as dewy as I’d like and can become a little cakey. Nothing too major though; it’s still a great foundation.


£21 for 30ml; pretty good value considering you barely use any on each application.


Redness solutions comes in a squeezy tube. This is one of my favourite ways for foundations to be packaged, it can’t slip back into the tube so it is really sanitary.


Texture – 9/10

Result – 8/10

Packaging – 8/10

Price – 8/10

Quality – 9/10

Overall score – 8/10


I’ve been trying a few Clinique products recently, none of which have impressed. This foundation however, has restored my faith in the quality of Clinique. It has great coverage and lasting power, whilst still maintaining a natural look. Thumbs up!

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