Clinique – Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser


With summer well on its way now (hurrah!), it’s time to transform the contents of  our make-up bags. First stop – base. Clinique’s new “Moisture Surge” tinted moisturiser is a super alternative to heavier foundation bases. It come is six shades from fair, medium to deep. Clinique have been a well trusted brand for years and have many high quality products.


A cocktail of ingredients work together to soothe and calm the skin while delivering intense hydration.
From Clinique’s iconic Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief aloe barbadenisis leaf water works to deliver an intense boost of moisture immediately when applied to the skin. A crafted balance of ingredients such as treated pigments and film formers work in unison, providing stay-true colour for up to 12 hours without fading. SPF 15 offers sun protection with physical and chemical sunscreens.


I’ve been experimenting with different foundations recently, so as soon as Moisture Surge was released I had my beady eye on it.

You are supposed to apply tinted moisturiser with your fingertips, like you would a normal facial moisturiser. I applied this tinted moisturiser with a sponge as I thought it may give me better coverage. It hydrated my skin immediately and felt beautiful.

Initially I found it hard to get an even look, and the colour was a little dark for my skin tone (I blame the Clinique consultant for giving me the wrong shade!).

However, after a while, the product did settle nicely on my skin and gave me a lovely dewy, glowing look. It had a soft texture and made my skin smooth on application.

It was extremely lightweight and also fragrance free, which is super because so many facial moisturisers have an overpowering smells which can be off-putting.

It had good staying power too and didn’t make my face look greasy.

It is definitely a “barely there” make up look. Even with a good concealer I found it didn’t give me quite enough coverage. Maybe its a better product for those of you who are less likely to suffer from breakouts.

But it would be a lovely lighter base to use on holiday particularly since it has an SPF, and it would also be perfect for lazy days when you don’t feel quite confident enough to go out bare faced.


Moisture Surge is £21 for 30ml. This is quite good value for a prestige brand.


Moisture Surge comes in pot, as do many moisturisers. But, as this is a tinted moisturiser, I would prefer it to come in a bottle with a pump because not only would it be more sanitary, but easier to apply.

The pot is very simple and fresh, and much like the rest of Clinique’s packaging.


Texture 9/10
Result 7/10
Packaging 5/10
Price 8/10
Quality 8/10

Overall score: 7/10


I would definitely recommend this tinted moisturiser for someone with fairly clear, unblemished skin. If you’re looking for a lighter foundation with mositurising benefits, this is the product for you.

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