Clinique – Instant Lift For Brows


What a difference a brow makes. Well groomed brows are most certainly a big beauty must for me. This Clinique pencil and highlighter duo cleverly combines the two for a super gorge effect.

Our trial

I’ve been looking to change my eyebrow pencil for a while now, as my usual pick is being discontinued. There are a few good aspects of this product I liked. I loved how soft the pencil itself was, so my brows where never too harsh or heavy looking and there is no need to warm the pencil up before applying. The colour was very natural and really suited my brows.

The twist top applicator made things much quicker, but I actually found that I didn’t like this, as I couldn’t sharpen the pencil, so I was unable to get a really precise line. I also didn’t like the highlighter on the end of the pencil, it was to thick and cakey and the shade was too pink for me. I much prefer a liquid highlighter in a light shade for under brows, but maybe that’s just me?!

Whilst it was a good idea, I really think Clinique should have put a little sharpener on the end, that would have been much more practical. It doesn’t come with a brow brush either, which I found odd. Luckily the lady who served me gave me a tester mascara brush to use as a brow brush. Over all though, I think a sharpener or brow brush would have made this pencil a much better product.


Very sleek and compact. It was good as the pencil lead was protected by plastic, so couldn’t ever break. I liked the idea of the twist up applicator.


For £13 this isn’t too bad, especially for Clinique. It’s the price I would expect to pay for a good eyebrow pencil. However I would much rather have more pencil rather than the highlighter on the end.


Texture – 9/10
Result – 7/10
Applicator – 4/10
Packaging – 7/10
Price – 7/10
Quality – 8 /10 (the actual brow pencil was really lovely)

Overall score: 7/10


I loved the shade and the super soft texture of this pencil, but the
major downfall was not being able to sharpen it, and having no brush
attached. Clinique should rethink this design. Its a shame because I
would recommend the pencil for its finish and look, but not in this

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