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Clarins, the specialist skin care brand from Paris, has for the very first time focused its wealth of scientific skin care expertise on the 18 to late 20’s age group. The result is a choice of 5 gentle yet super-effective plant-based products that will not only keep bad skin days a memory of the past, but ensure young skin looks clear, fresh and glowing and feels soft and smooth every day.

The Daily Energizers range consists of 5 products to be used in 3 quick effective steps. These are    a cleanser and toner, and a choice of 3 moisturisers depending on your skin type/preference. I reviewed this range as a whole as I think for best results the cleansers should be used with the moisturiser and vice-versa as the products are designed, with harmonious ingredients, to work synergistically together for maximum effect.


At the heart of every Clarins product is a potent cocktail of time-proven plant extracts and some exceptional science. Because plants and herbs contain the most effective yet gentle skin re-balancing properties and create uniquely sensory textures and natural fragrances. All Clarins products are dermatologist and allergy tested and non-comedogenic i.e. don’t block pores.


The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel is a fresh foaming gel which can be used am and pm. It removes make-up and pollution for clean, blemish-free, detoxified skin. With cleansing and foaming Saponaria and detoxifying Moringa.

The Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster is a toner which is recommended for morning use after the cleansing gel because of its skin awakening properties, but could also be used in the evening. It is a liquid gel that instantly freshens, tones and hydrates skin first thing in the morning. It contains toning Green Coffee, softening Redcurrant and radiance boosting White Tea and Cocoa.


Daily Energizer Cream-Gel and Daily Energizer Cream both moisturise, soften and protect the skin, depending on your skin type. The Daily Energizer Lotion SPF15 pump bottle is ideal for all skin types requiring an SPF. It has a lightweight, oil-free formula to help encourage clear and smooth skin, whilst offering UV protection.

Clarins Daily Energizers are more than just good moisturisers and their secret lies in an innovative cocktail of four natural ingredients. The first is an energy boosting shot of Vitamin C that stimulates the skin’s natural defences which keep it looking fresh all day. Because although young skin has lots of vitality it uses up energy so quickly that it does suffer from periods of fatigue and dull skin tone. The second is Turmeric or Indian saffron, a powerful antioxidant that strengthens this action. The third ingredient is purifying Alchemilla, an astringent plant extract that regulates sebum production to keep pores and the complexion clear. And finally radiance-boosting Ginkgo biloba, used in the medical field to boost circulation and in skin care to improve the skin’s uptake of oxygen so it looks brighter and healthier and to strengthen the walls of the skin’s super-fine network of blood capillaries.




The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (cleanser) felt fresh and gentle on application and left my skin feeing clean and comfortable. You only need a small amount on damp skin because it lathers up which is really good. It is gentle enough for a sensitive skin but deep cleansing enough for an oily one, and therefore a superb product.  It is ideal for all skin types and morning and evening use. It removed make-up well and I find it hard to fault. I absolutely love Moringa and so really like this product’s scent.



The Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster (toner) feels and smells nice on application and its scent did help wake me up! It left my skin feeling even cleaner, looking bright and it also reduced the appearance of open pores. My skin also felt softer after using the toner. Since it is for all skin types it won’t help keep an oily skin mattifyed, or a dry skin conditioned, or a combination skin balanced, and I tend to prefer toners which are created for specific needs and skin types. However, its anti-oxidant properties and ingredients will help to keep the skin protected.  I would recommend using this toner for its refreshing and hydrating benefits as it is enjoyable to use.



imageWith the moisturisers it really is just a matter of choosing the one most suited to your skin type. The Daily Energizer Cream is for a normal to dry skin, the Cream-Gel is for a combination skin, and the Oil-free Lotion is for any skin type wanting an SPF – but being oil-free and lightweight is also good for an oily skin type. All the moisturisers consistencies and textures are suited to their particular skin type in order to provide the correct level of moisture and absorption. 


The moisturiser is silky and soft on application and feels luxurious and of high-quality. The moisturiser’s scent is quite strong yet pleasant,  being both spicy and floral and certainly energizing for morning use. I personally used the cream-gel as I have a combination skin type, but I didn’t find that it kept my skin shine-free.  All in all, after using the products for 2 weeks, the Daily Energizer moisturiser left my skin looking radiant and clear and feeling soft and adequately hydrated. I believe that using this moisturiser long-term would help to protect young skin from environmental assaults which are the greatest cause of (premature) ageing on the skin and therefore improve the skin’s long-term appearance.

It is recommended to use these moisturisers every day after cleansing; using it in the morning will protect your skin and be a great makeup base,  but you can also use it at night.

Price and Packaging

The Daily Energizer Cream/Cream-Gel/Lotion all retail at £19.50 which, even though they are just 30ml, still works out as exceptional value for a moisturiser from a prestige skincare brand. However, as they are for younger skin, less anti-ageing technology is required and therefore brings the price down.

The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel retails at £10.50 (75ml) and The Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster (125ml) retails at £15. Although these prices are reasonable for prestige brand cleansers, they don’t represent as good a value as the moisturisers do.

The packaging is in Clarins usual style of red writing on clean, fresh, white lidded packaging. The Daily Energizer Range is sweet and fresh being peach in colour. Whilst the moisturising creams come in glass jars, the lotion comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The packaging is clean, practical and soothing on the eye yet has a hint of sophistication.


Texture: 9/10
Result: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Packaging: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Overall score: 9/10


An excellent and affordable prestige daily skincare range for young skin. Skin is left feeling clean, clear, balanced yet hydrated, and looks healthy, fresh and radiant.

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