Choosing a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

Getting a professional to do your makeup on your wedding morning will save you time and give you one less thing to worry about. A makeup artist will also make sure you feel and look beautiful on your special day.

Professional makeup artists know exactly what makeup to use to make the most of your natural features and the colours which best suit you. They have a wide range of luxury cosmetics and use the most photogenic makeup.

Many makeup artists have their own website and others advertise on bridal directories such as Just Makeup Artists.  Other places to find them include at bridal fairs, in bridal magazines and recommendations from friends.

When choosing a makeup artist it is best to use someone local as you don’t want to worry about them getting stuck in traffic on your wedding morning. Ask to see their portfolio (which may be on their website) so that you can see if you like their style, and ask what their qualifications are. Makeup artists will have different levels of experience which could be a makeup certificate, diploma, NVQ or even degree.

Before booking a makeup artist ask what their prices are. While some offer discounts for large parties (i.e. mother of the bride and bridesmaids), some charge extra for trials, petrol and accessories such as false eyelashes. Overall, it is best to choose someone you feel comfortable with and who best meets your budget.

Many makeup artists offer a complementary trial. It is important to have a trial so that you can try out a few different colours and types of makeup and have time to discuss with your makeup artist the look you are wishing to achieve. A trial will also test that you are not allergic to any of the makeup they use on you. You may also wish to purchase the lipstick they will be using on you as lipstick is likely to need retouching throughout the course of the day and evening.

Alternatively, many makeup artists give makeup application lessons if you want to do your makeup yourself or are getting married abroad. They can also give you advice about how to best look after your skin in the days leading up to your wedding day so that it is the best makeup base it can be. See our article on preparing your skin for your wedding day.

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