Choosing A Serum

With so many beauty products to choose from, how do you decide which product you need and which one you don’t? Many people skip vital beauty products as they are completely inundated with them and become overwhelmed. Serums are one of those products, with a huge market for the sector, it seems as though every brand have launched at least one type. Serums help in many ways, and can benefit your skin over time. Designed to accompany your moisturizer, they should be used as part of your daily beauty regime (applied before moisturizer) to target a specific skin concern. With many containing ingredients such as anti-oxidents, skin brightening agents and vitamin C, serums are a great way of adding extra moisture to your skin. Their non-greasy formula will help in targeting problem areas faster than moisturiser alone. Finding your ‘wonder’ serum is something that does take time; trial and error is a great way of finding your most suitable match and over-the-beauty-counter samples are a good way to test them out. But there are some award winners and beauty editors’ favourites which may just tempt you. Depending on your main skincare concern, below is a list of our favorites for you to choose from.

Best Anti-Ageing

Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair; £39 (30ml)

This beauty editors’ favourite was recently revamped, making it better and more effective to help repair skin while you sleep. The light consistency will suit all skin tones while protecting from any environmental damage, before it becomes permanent. It can also be used in the daytime to protect the skin from environmental assaults. Read our review. Advanced Night Repair can be purchased from

imageBest for Skin Radiance

Trilogy – Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum; £25 (20ml)

Not just for mature skin, this serum was created to boost skin radiance and combat dehydrated skin. Use twice daily it will help skin to look brighter after one use, packed with vitamins, essential oils and antioxident treatments for tired or dull skin. Trilogy serum can be purchased from

Best Skin Protector

Lancome – Genifique; £55 (30ml)

Boasting an array of scientific credentials, this one stop serum is great to help protect the skin. Helping to diminish the look of fine lines, this super serum will leave your face beautifully smooth and soft, while protected against daily wear-and-tear. Lancome Genifique can be purchased from

Best for Sensitive Skin

Darphin – Intral Redness Relief Smoothing Serum; £47 (30ml)

Designed with sensitive skin in mind, this serum helps to diminish the appearance of redness and also helps to even out the complexion while softening skin without irritation. Darphin Intral can be purchased from

Best for Wrinkles

Givenchy – Vax’In For Youth; £61.50 (30ml)

Working with scientists Givenchy have created this wrinkle defense serum. Knowing that you cannot stop wrinkles forming, this serum will help to slow down the process and boost the skin’s resistance to damage. Givenchy Vax’In can be purchased from

Best for Problem Skin

Olay – Regenerist Daily Serum; £25 (50ml)

Claiming to moisturize deep into the skin layers, this highly concentrated serum will help to moisturize skin without it feeling greasy to create a more even skin tone. Olay Regenerist can be puchased from

Best Value All-Rounder (Young Skin)

L’Oreal – Youth Code; £25 (30ml)

For age 25 years and over, L’Oreal Youth Code will help to prvent premature ageing on the skin. Use under your moisturizer day and night, this all rounder will help to brighten skin, while its pro-Gen technology will protect the face, and help your skin to look youthful and hydrated after time. L’Oreal Youth Code can be purchased from

Best Value All-Rounder (Mature Skin)

L’Oreal – RevitaLift Repair 10; £14.99 (50ml)

For age 40 years and over, L’Oreal’s new RevitaLift Repair 10 serum works to target

the various signs of ageing seen on mature skin (Deep Wrinkles; Fine Lines; Loss of Firmness; Loss of tone; Lack of
Plumpness; Age Spots; Dull Complexion; Crepey Décolletage; Uneven Skin
Texture; Dryness) thanks to a combination of multi-function active ingredients. L’Oreal RevitaLift serum can be purchased from

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