Champneys – Watermint Spa Range


The extensive Champneys’ spa collection is exclusive to Boots and features various different ranges of products: Mediterranean Bliss, Wild Rose, Citrus Blush and Thai Royale are just a few of the named ranges Champneys have created. I tried the Watermint range’s Lotion Spritz and Body Scrub.


The Watermint range is perfect for those who like an invigorating and stimulating cleanse, with three-mint properties; watermint, peppermint and wildmint.


The Watermint Lotion Spritz, £7.00 for 250ml, is a moisturising body lotion. The spritz pump bottle allows you to evenly spray the moisturiser onto your skin. The product contains water mint, peppermint and wild mint and I found the smell of these a little overpowering, to the point it reminded me of toothpaste! However, it would be perfect for those who enjoy revitalising and refreshing product scents. In contrast to the rich and creamy Citrus Blush Body Butter, this product was very light and fluid on application. Although I was a little disappointed with this body lotion, its lightweight properties may be enjoyed by those who prefer to spritz-and-go, and would certainly suit someone with a combination to oily skin type.

The Watermint Body Scrub, £6.00 for 200ml, is included in the same range as the Watermint Lotion Spritz, this product features the same strong minty scent. The scrub itself glides onto skin very well and is softer than the Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow, for example. The Watermint scrub buffs skin gently and I found the small jojoba beads were kind to my skin. This product is gentle enough to use at least twice a week and it left my skin soft, supple and quite refreshed. The range is showcased as ‘perfect to refresh and rejuvenate on a summer’s day’ and if you like the minty scent, you’ll enjoy the invigorating properties of this scrub.

Price and Packaging

Prices throughout the range are reasonable, starting from as low as £5.50. All products are of a good size, and when you consider how much you would pay at a spa, these products are a bargain. Although the packaging is not as luxurious as the Citrus Blush range for example, it is practical and fresh in aqua and white. The Champneys Spa range is available from Boots and Champneys’ spas.


Texture – 7/10
Result – 8/10
Price – 7/10
Packaging – 9/10
Quality – 6/10

Overall Score – 7/10


For those who are sporty, on the go, or on holiday, this is refreshing range of products which will leave you feeling ultra-clean, fresh and minty!

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