Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser


Cetaphil’s tag line is ‘The most famous skincare range you’ve never heard of.’ But the non-clogging,
soap-free cleanser has been raved about by UK beauty bloggers for a while. So along with pay day
came my online order of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.


Cetaphil says this cleanser is ‘as gentle as it gets.’ It was originally formulated for the use of dermatologists. It’s a non-irritating formula suitable for most skin types, including children’s skin.
Cetaphil is fragrance free.


Hhmmmm…it’s got the word ‘Gentle’ in the title. I had my reservations about the wonders this
would do. But the main thing I’ve learnt about irritable skin is keep your routine simple. When
you’re prone to spots, the most tempting thing in the world is to ply on the bleach-a-like products
and wait for the burn. This time though, it’s definitely worth taking the calmer route.

Keeping the rest of my skincare routine the same and using Cetaphil morning and night for just over
2 weeks, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. My pores feel tighter and more defined.

Unlike other regimes I’ve tried where you really have to go gung-ho, I just swapped this cleanser for
my regular one and forgot about it. Until someone asked me what had happened to my spots (queue
panicked moment of thinking they’d erupted again and rushing to the mirror with a wail.) No, where
my spots had gone is what they meant.

I think the gentleness of the formula made me want to treat my skin a little more gently too.
That certainly helped exterminate the redness I experience from buffing my face like there’s no

Packaging & Price

White plastic bottle with a blue screw top lid. Cetaphil logo on the front face and ingredients on the
back. It’s a fairly simple design, but this is good news- the product doesn’t need to rely on gimmicky

The one criticism is that you can’t see how much product you’ve used.  But at £9.10 from Boots.com, this is a reasonably priced cleanser considering you get 250ml. Cetaphil is also available from Lloyds Pharmacy.


Texture: 8/10
Result: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Quality: 9/10
Overall score: 8/10


Is this cleanser a miracle potion? For this price- No. Like with many cleansers I’ve tried, result often show after a couple of weeks. But your skin is a bit of a coach potato and it gets bored easily. Continuing to use the same product day in day out means you might not see the benefit forever. Switch products every now and then to make your skin work harder. Cetaphil has definitely earned its place in the rotation.

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