Bride-to-be Beauty Regime

A step-by-step guide for top-to-toe beauty for a bride-to-be

Right, your wedding day is set and is not too far away. Obviously, you will want to look flawless and perfect on your big day. Here’s how to prepare yourself to ensure you look immaculate top-to-toe.

Hands/Feet: First things first, you want smooth, soft and gentle hands and feet for your big day and during the days that precede your wedding. As soon as you cleanse your hands or feet or as soon as you’ve had a shower, use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly), available from local pharmacies and supermarkets. Take a generous amount and rub it all over your feet. Be sure to focus on the heels, underneath your foot and your toes and any other areas that are severely dry and in need of moisture. Wear comfortable shoes in the house or outdoors since feet (after applying Vaseline) can feel slippery and you don’t want to trip over in high heels! If you have a bit more to spend, another hero product for chapped hands and feet is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. It also works wonders on chapped lips and general dry skin.

Hair: Natural oils are the key, vital ingredient to smooth, soft and silky hair. They nourish and soften the hair in a similar way to how moisturiser benefits the face. We recommend Moroccon Oil or Amargon Oil (availble from many hair salons).  You will only need a walnut-sized amount to apply to freshly washed, damp hair – lengths and ends. The oil will help repair the damaged strands and add more strength to them. The great thing about this product is that it works on whatever sort of hair you have, regardless of its texture. Even if you want long hair on your wedding day, remember to go for a trim a few weeks before the day to get rid of any split ends and keep it healthy and manageable. For a cheaper at home alternative, olive oil can be used to nourish and add a glossy sheen to the hair, but it will need to be applied to damp hair (concentrating on the ends and avoiding the roots), left for a few minutes, then thoroughly washed out with shampoo.

Face: The procedure on how take care of your face depends on what type of skin type you have. If you have oily or combination skin, you might want to go for a oil-free product. If acne is a big worry on your mind, try a medicated product that really sorts out acne-prone skin. Be sure to consult with a skincare adviser first. Cleanse twice (once in the morning, once in the evening) with warm water – to open up your pores and provide a deeper clean. Toners can be used after cleansing to get rid of any impurities and dirt left from cleansing with water.

When it comes to the moisturiser, you need two. Day cream and night cream. Use a less oily one in the day, preferably with an SPF, and a creamier one by night. During the night, skin absorbs nutrients better so is the optimum time to repair damage. In the lead up to your wedding, avoid using full-coverage make-up everyday to give your skin a rest and maintain a healthy glow by regularly exfoliating (two – three times a week).

Nails: The basic rule for keeping your nails healthy and well-maintained is eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and calcium. You also need to take good care of your nails and avoid spoiling when doing the housework, etc! Protect them with gloves while doing the dishes or gardening. Dealing with washing-up liquid and soil can spoil skin so be careful there. Rather than letting them grow out of shape, trim and file your nails on a regular basis. Add a coat of protective nail polish base to also help protect them in the lead up to your wedding.

Body: Taking care of your body is a priority in the weeks before your wedding. Sorting out the last few wedding tasks can be quite hectic and can interfere with your exercise regime. First of all (and I might be sounding like a voice on repeat), a healthy diet is the key factor to inner and outer beauty. Lots and lots of fruit and vegetables should be top of the shopping list and drinking plenty of water is a must. Give up junk food such as pizza, chips and burgers, and, if you are a drinker, cut down on your alcohol intake. Next, sleep! Your body gets some rest and renews its energy levels with a good night’s sleep and, with a lack of sleep, you’re more likely to get dark eye-circles, acne, zits and problem skin, so do get your eight hours of beauty sleep!

There we are! It might sound like a chore to do all these things, but in the end, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and a proper skincare regime can do wonders for brides-to-be. So brace yourself for the positive change you will see inside and out, and good luck!

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