Bremenn – Upper Eyelid Lifter

Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter


Bremenn Research Labs are an American skincare company specialising in skincare research to target specific problems such as dark circles, wrinkled foreheads, age spots and spider veins. Available from selected stores (see below), we decided to put their Upper Eyelid Lifter to the test. There are so many eye creams on the market but few targeting one specific concern which is surprising given most people have priority areas. One common sign of ageing in the eye area is drooping or sagging eye lids. Bremenn’s Upper Eyelid Lifter is said to ‘make your eyes look bigger, brighter, fresher and captivatingly alive.’ We put it to the test.

Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter

Who’s it for

Any age and skin type concerned about saggy skin on the upper eyelids can use this product, but it is probably best suited to people over thirty years old. For the best long-term results the eye cream should be applied twice a day.

The Science

One of the key ingredients in this product is Biopolymer from sweet almond proteins – it is a synthetic skin brightening agent. Amino acids and a synergistic peptide combination help stimulate collagen production and firm the skin. While extracts from yeast (Faex) encourage cell restoration, rye seed (secale cereale) and soy soften the skin and help it to retain water to keep it hydrated and thus improve the appearance of wrinkles. The eye cream also contains various moisturising ingredients including shea butter.

Our Trial

One of our team tested the eye cream for two weeks using it twice a day. They are in their early thirties but do have hooded eyelids which are starting to sag. The eye cream is only meant to be applied on the eyelids and brow bone. They said it felt soft and light on application and was quickly absorbed. On application the skin on their eyelids did look brighter.

After two weeks of use, the skin on the tester’s eyelids looks and feels firmer and healthier and they want to continue using it.

Although we don’t think that this product is a miracle cure for severely droopy eyelids, we believe that with continued use it can improve the appearance of sagging skin by firming it. The look of lines can also be improved by this product because of its hydrating and conditioning ingredients which can prevent existing wrinkles from deepening. We think that this product is particularly suited to people just starting to experience a loss of firmness in the eye area.

Price and Packaging

The eye cream comes in a fresh, simple white tube with a pump applicator.  Although the pump is easy to use, we did find that we ended up pumping more than we needed to; especially since a little really does go along way with this product which is quite concentrated. The large box the product comes in has a picture of a woman with her upper eyelids highlighted, and is scientific rather than glamourous in style.

The eye cream retails at $59 for 15ml. It is available from their website

Bremenn also have a money back guarantee for people who don’t get on with their products (within 30 days of purchase) which is reassuring for customers wanting to try this product as it is quite pricey.


A good eye cream for people with moderate sagging on their upper eyelids also looking to brighten and condition their skin. If saggy eyelids are your main eye concern we definitely think this cream is worth a try.

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