Beauty trends spring 2011: Bright lips

Set aside your trusty nude and rouge noir and make room for brights, for spring has sprung and colour is in full bloom.  Don’t shy away from eye-popping colour this season as there are a huge variety of textures to suit even the most timid amongst you.  Think fuchsia, orange and red and you will either be on the edge of your seat with excitement or approaching with caution.

Bright lipsticks can be without doubt a daunting process when you’ve been wearing a natural lip so ease into the trend with a sheer gloss.  With gloss you can literally go for the brightest colour and it will result in a beautiful veil of bright colour that is oozing with glamour and style!  We recommend MAC’s Tinted Lipglasses (£12.50) in a bright shade such as Pink Poodle.

If you favour lipstick then try a sheer formula to begin with as opposed to a cream or frost finish. Chanel have just brought out some stunning sheer lipsticks Rouge Coco Shine (£22.50).

But, if you really want to go subtle and summery try a brightly coloured lip balm such as Model’s Own Lip Balm (£6) which comes in Fuchsia, Tangerine and Red Hot.

Now for the easiest way to create a bright lip apply straight from the tube or wand, simple but effective, this works especially well for sheer colours.  If you wish to take a little more time over applying your colour then a lip brush is a must have item. To offset your perfectly painted pout be sure to create a flawless canvas with foundation and concealer.   The trick is to play up either your eyes or lips and there has never been a more appropriate time to take this advice on board.  Keep eye make up minimal whist adding a natural flush of colour to the cheeks.

Once you’ve played around with sheer colours go ahead and experiment with other formulas from highly pigmented glosses to full-coverage lipsticks.  Another idea is to snap up a whole treasure chest of brights by purchasing a handy lip palette.  If you like to play up retro styling then pick up a matt lipstick but be sure to apply to smooth lips as dry lips do not make a good base for matt colours.  The easiest way to do this is to apply a layer of Vaseline and then gently brush a toothbrush across your lips.

Some matt lipsticks we love include Yves Saint Laurent’s new Rouge Pur Couture lipsricks (£22.50) in Red, Orange and Fuchsia. Whilst if you prefer a satin finish, Revlon’s Colourburst lipsticks (£7.99) are fabulous in Coral and Fuchsia.

What should I wear to offset bright lips?

The answer is anything you feel comfortable in as the beauty of brights is that they instantly uplift both your mood and you outfit.  If you want some fashion tips though wear white to really make that colour pop, the contrast will be fresh modern and truly chic.  Another idea is to play copycat and match your lipcolour to your dress, imagine a poppy red dress paired with red lips, a traffic stopping look for sure.

So make this summer unforgettable and let your lips do the talking…

Samantha Ramjoorawon 

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